Review: Lessons from the Professor by Shyla Colt

Reviewed by Shelly

This read like an experiment. It read like the author was testing her established target audience to see if they like BDSM elements in their stories.

This is my 2nd book by Shyla Colt and as with the first one, this didn’t work for me either. There ware too many elements for the length of this story. If might have worked if it was longer and there was more time to work through a heroine who is brand spanking new to BDSM (hearing about it doesn’t count as experience), a hero who is 20 years older than the heroine, and least of all, the disapproving family (but not for the reasons you might think).

Sutton is a 31 year old RN. She’s doing well professionally, but personally, not so much. Her best friend, Leigh, who’s also married to an older man and is also into the BDSM swing of things introduces Sutton to Sidney. Sidney is Leigh’s husband, James’, best friend, and Sidney was around when Leigh ‘seduced’ James, her Professor, all those years so. I’m not sure if Leigh and James’s story is its own book, but it would seem redundant if so.

Sidney is a 50 year old professor. He’s doing well professionally, but again, personally not so much. After being introduced to Sutton, he introduces her to the not ‘vanilla’ lifestyle. Him feeling her out to be a submissive on their first meeting was completely rushed. She hasn’t even verbally expressed a liking to him, and he’s already feeling her out. But then again it’s a short story, so things happen quickly and that’s the crux. That subject matter shouldn’t be rushed. Things progress and we’re told not shown; this is a big pet peeve of mine. Show me, I can take it.

Sidney and Sutton have their own baggage that they bring, but I think that Sidney’s was heavier. First of all, why are you going after women so much younger that you? And being a Human Behavior professor doesn’t tell me anything. Sidney clearly has a preference for much younger women, and his last (much younger girlfriend) did a number on him. What he accuses Sutton of, he is twice as guilty.

Although the story was primarily from Sutton’s POV, I found her to be relatively one dimensional. Whatever Sidney gave her, she took, no resistance. Even his accusations, she took. I like a little fight and personality in my heroines and Sutton gave me neither when it came to Sidney. She had more gumption with her delinquent sister than with Sidney.

Like I said, there’s much more telling than showing and even the sex scenes were flat (yeah, it’s possible). If you’re giving the audience a scene with BDSM elements, the visual is important. And that last sex scene was a joke. The position she was supposedly in and the position he was supposedly in – there’s no way that things could have anatomically happened the way it was described.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C-/D+

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Lessons from the Professor
by Shyla Colt
Release Date: June 3, 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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