Review: Lord Sebastian’s Secret by Jane Ashford

Reviewed by Jen

I did not enjoy this book. At all. I had such a difficult time connecting to it. Essentially, I found it boring. I found Lord Sebastian’s secret to be weak. And for something that is supposed to be the crux of the book, that’s not good.

Sebastian thinks he’s stupid. His big secret is that he can’t read. This is no big spoiler; it’s in the blurb. There is absolutely no tension or excitement to be found here. None. Sebastian and lady Georgina met before the book began, so there was no seeing them fall in love. This was already true on the first page. The entire book is about him winning over her peculiar family while hiding the fact that he thinks he’s stupid. That’s it.

Georgina’s parents are extremely eccentric. Her mother is obsessed with breeding dogs and her father is obsessed with history. And reincarnation. At least, that is his current flight of fancy. It seems he has different ones over time. Georgina loves her parents and accepts their foibles,┬ábut come on. Sebastian has come to stay at their home for several weeks. I’m not sure exactly how many because it’s not clear at what point in time he arrives, only that their wedding will be in September and that is a ways off. So we see him being a nice guy. We see lots of pugs humping his legs. And we see Georgina’s father wax on about Hinduism and his ideas about the afterlife. Oh yeah, plus Georgina has two sisters. One of which has no discernible personality and the other is a completely self-centered brat.

I have laid out all of the conflicts in the entire book. Like I said, boring. You would think that love scenes might spice it up, but you would be wrong. While there is some sex to be had it is fairly PG material. Not exactly fade to black, but close.

It seems this series centers around Sebastian’s brothers, because we do get a little backstory on their marriages and romances once they arrive at lady Georgina’s house. But it doesn’t really add anything to the story, except, I guess, for people who read those books. Otherwise this stands up OK as a standalone.

But I had to struggle to finish it. I won’t be reading any other books in the series. I hope for their sake’s that Sebastian’s brothers have better adventures.

Rating: C-

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Lord Sebastian’s Secret
by Jane Ashford
Release Date: January 3, 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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