Review: Only Pleasure Part 1 by Lora Leigh

Reviewed by Jaimie

Only Pleasure is the 10th book in the Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh, and was reissued in three parts like Wicked Pleasure was earlier this year. Only Pleasure picks up six months after Chase was forced to kill Moriah Brockheim to protect his twin brother and his fiancé Jaci. The book starts off with the Epilogue which happens two years earlier. Chase, in his position as a protector for Ian Sinclair’s club, is forced to meet with Kia, the woman who fascinates him like no other and ask her to humiliate herself. After Kia’s husband assaulted her and tried to rape her, she confided in a friend about the exclusive club and that rumor was spreading fast. Chase cannot allow him that to happen, but he vows to do everything he can to protect her.

Chase Falladay is drowning in overwhelming guilt. He blames himself for not being aware that his brother Cameron was being pimped out by their evil aunt, and he knows that Cameron said nothing to protect him. Adding to that guilt, he considered Moriah a friend and he didn’t have any idea that she had been plotting his brother’s downfall. When he and Khalid see Kia in a bar alone one night he loses the fight to stay away from her, and he convinces himself that he can keep it strictly about the pleasure.

Kia Rutherford has been in love with Chase for what seems like forever. Even during her marriage she couldn’t help but be intrigued by him and the rumors surrounding the club. Without warning her then husband arranges for a third man to join them one night and when she resists he strikes her and tries to rape her. The third man present that night bought her enough time for her to escape into the bathroom and call her father. Despite knowing what Chase wants from her she is unable to resist him, or the pleasure.

While fully enjoying the experience of sex with Chase and Khalid, Kia wants Chase’s heart and the closer she gets the more he pulls back. Someone is determined to make Chase pay for an unknown crime, and realizes the way to hurt him is by striking at Kia.

In order to do what Chase asked of her two years earlier, Kia shut herself off from friends and society and lived a quiet and lonely existence. The women who are married to men in the club can feel her desire to fit in and have friends and they take her under their wing. Those bonds begin to form while the threats to Kia start to take place.

Since this is one book that is separated into three parts, each part is relatively short, but in the first installment we find out why Khalid has a soft spot for Kia, that someone is out to hurt Chase through her, and that the chemistry between Chase and Kia is off the charts. Great intro to their story.

Rating: B+

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Only Pleasure: Part 1
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

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