Review: Only Pleasure Part 2 by Lora Leigh

Reviewed by Jaimie

Part two of Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh begins with Kia questioning whether she can continue having a “pleasure only” relationship with Chase, while she is also beginning to tire of having Khalid present every time they are together. We also start to see glimpses of who Khalid’s heroine is, setting up for his future story.

Chase Falladay is continuing to deny that he is in love with Kia Rutherford and his brother is becoming increasingly concerned about him. Cameron knows that Chase is holding himself away from Kia because of Moriah and he feels a sense of guilt over that.

Kia is determined to not sit around and mope about Chase and decides to return to her job at the company her father owns. It turns out that Kia gave up her career to be the wife her husband wanted, but she kept actively involved in the day to day running of the company. Knowing the company will one day be hers, she jumps back in. She has also been running all of the parties the company throws, and all with very few people knowing. I loved seeing this side of Kia and she starts coming into her own.  A confident, independent woman is my favorite heroine to read about.

As is the formula in these kinds of books, Chase begins losing the battle to stay away from Kia. He refuses to admit there is more to the relationship than pleasure and sex, but he also cannot get her out of his mind. Kia brings out his possessive and dominant side and challenges him like no woman has ever done before. She also goes toe to toe with him when necessary and doesn’t let him walk all over her.

One night after a business meeting, Kia is mugged and winds up in the hospital with a concussion. Kicking himself for not being there to protect her, Chase takes Kia to his home to take care of her while she heals. He grows to enjoy her being in his arms each night even as she tries to put up defenses against him. He is finally able to admit to himself that he is falling in love with her, but something tells him that her mugging wasn’t a random occurrence and losing her is the thing he must avoid at all costs.

Being the stubborn man he is, Chase demands that Kia move in with him. He won’t come right out and admit that he wants her there because he loves her, but he’s also determined to keep her under his watchful eye. Kia is equally determined and demands that she go home.

I couldn’t stop reading this one and dove right in to Part 3. I love this couple and really want to see Chase find some peace.

Rating: A

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Only Pleasure Part 2
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: November 8, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin




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