Review: Only Pleasure Part 3 by Lora Leigh

Reviewed by Jaimie

Lora Leigh doesn’t waste any time getting into the action for Part 3 of Only Pleasure. When Kia returns home, much to Chase’s dismay, they find that her apartment has been vandalized and all of her belongings trashed. The words Die Bitch and Whore are spray painted on her walls, and she is left terrified and confused. Chase believes immediately that it is Kia’s ex-husband behind the attacks, but she does not agree.

Knowing she cannot stay in her trashed apartment, Kia returns to Chase’s where he can keep a close eye on her. Although badly shaken by what has happened, Kia is determined to go to work and carry on with her life. I really admired her strength during all of these attacks. Most of all, she is scared for Chase’s safety and it is that simple act that seems to break through his defenses. He decides to wait until they figure out who is after her before he finally tells her he loves her. But at least he has admitted it to himself.

Until they can eliminate the threats against her, Chase accompanies Kia everywhere, including work. She tries to fight him and not rely on him too much but that is a losing battle. Knowing she has a major party that she has coordinated, Kia decides to get through that event and then deal with whatever is going on with her and Chase.

During this party, Chase finds out why Khalid is so protective of Kia. He had suspected, and it was fairly easy to figure out, but Khalid was the third man there the night that Kia’s husband attempted to rape her. Although he ultimately saved her, he cannot let go of his guilt. All this takes a back seat however when Kia goes missing from the party. Ironically it is her ex-husband who sees the person who has taken her and he leads Chase to her.

I don’t want to give away who it was that was behind the attacks, but I must admit it took me a while to figure it out. Usually, I can guess that stuff but this story kept me on my toes. Kia is viciously attacked and takes a beating rather than luring Chase to save her. When he bursts in and sees that she’s accepting being hurt to protect him, his heart is ready to burst.

I loved this book, and I love this series. Chase and Kia were a great couple with plenty of sizzling chemistry, a feisty and kickass heroine, and a tortured but loveable hero. It was everything I love in a book.

Rating: A

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Only Pleasure: Part 3
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

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