Review: The Lover by Robin Schone

Reviewed by Shelly

Heroine – Anne Aimes – the 36 year old spinster who pays a whore £10,000 for a month’s worth of sex.
Hero – Michael/Michel (last name unsaid) – the 40 year old former whore of the House of Gabriel.

Michael/Michel is Anne’s choice because she saw him eighteen years ago at some ball while he was procuring a new procuress. Romantic isn’t it? After being a whore since he was thirteen (age of consent), he only gave up the profession 5 years prior after he suffered a few burns burns to the merchandise – his face and body. I truly believe had it not been for that, he would still be a whore. So there’s no redemption here because he didn’t willingly stop being a whore.

For three hundred and ten pages this words goes on and on – whore and spinster. Spinster and whore. Whore and spinster. That’s all these two can think about. Oh, and of course about having sex. For the three days this books covers, I was ready for a good bad guy. It’s not until the last two chapters that the stories picks up and talks about anything other than appendages and orifices. But then it got weird with a banana and chocolate. But I digress.

This is book one in Robin Schone’s ‘The Lover’ series and I’m quite comfortable saying that neither Michael/Michel nor Anne were characters I enjoyed. I read a few reviews before I started this primarily because it’s 17 years old and I wanted to get a feel before I invested. The theme I picked up was that this is a ‘dark’ story. I didn’t get that impression. There’s lot of imagery. Too much for me. I truly don’t need that many details. I don’t care about the hero shaving his face. I don’t care about the squeaks of the carriage. I don’t care about the details of French rubbers. I don’t care about the insertion of a diaphragm. I truly don’t care. I only care about the relationship between hero and the heroine and their relationships with secondary characters.

Speaking of secondary characters. The only person I liked was Gabriel. Everyone else got treated as lower than by Anne and Michael/Michel. She’s a cold. cold woman. Her thoughts about her staff were really jaw dropping for me – so callous. Then, on the other hand, when you have to pay for it, I guess that should have given me a clue.

Then there’s Michael/Michael. At three quarters of the book he still thought that everyone and everything was disposable – his home, the servants and yes, even Anne. How am I supposed to like this hero who is constantly worried about this dead girlfriend and how she died? He did nothing to protect Anne when he knew the situation with the dead lover was going to be repeated. Someone even sent him Anne’s lawyer’s dead body in a trunk for goodness sake. Argh!

The bad guy was good, smarter and more willing than our hero. This made for those two good chapters I mentioned earlier. I wouldn’t say this is ‘dark’, disturbing yes, but not dark. This should have been a ‘novel of erotica’ and leave the romance out of it.

I really wish Michael/Michel and his perfect but dead lover, Diane, had gone down in a blazing glory – together. Anne – I really just wanted her gone to a place where she could non-selfishly learn to give a care about someone other than her old spinster a*s. This isn’t an HEA, more of an HFN.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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The Lover
by Robin Schone
Release Date: April 1, 2000
Publisher: Kensington

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