Review: Egomaniac by Vi Keeland

Reviewed by Joanna

Enjoy sexy, swaggering rich guys who fall in love then can’t handle it? Plus a side of slightly hapless country girl blindsided by the big city? Even if you don’t, then hot damn, that cover has got to please you.

Drew Jagger is our man. He’s a high-end divorce lawyer who acts solely for men, helping them get back at the women who screwed them over (left them). Yeah, he’s a real charmer. One New Year’s Eve he returns from holiday, calling in to his renovated office on the way home to his penthouse. To his surprise, he finds a woman there, working away and burning the midnight oil. Emerie Rose thinks Drew is a burglar and threatens to attack him and call the cops.

The big misunderstanding lasts just long enough for her skirt to fall down as she’s standing on the office chair yelling at him. (Don’t worry – it’s the only slapstick moment in the book.)

They talk it out and poor naive Emerie-of-Oklahoma realizes she’s been conned out of a crap ton of money to rent Drew’s office illegally. Bummer. Drew suffers a random moment of kindness (he fancies her) offers to let Emerie stay until she can find a new office. In exchange she gets to perform secretarial duties for him.

With no way of getting back the money she lost, relocating isn’t easy, so the stay extends and there’s lots of time for our couple to get to know one another.  Nice bit of cozy proximity here. I liked the office-hopping they did, and how they got used to having the other around. They fell easily into a familiar routine and the banter between them made me chuckle. Drew’s an utter flirt, teasing Emerie about her lack of a sex life.

“Will you drop the subject if I tell you the truth?” I nodded. “I will.” She looked me directly in the eye. “I did.” “What?” “What do you mean what? You know what I mean.” Of course I do. “I’m not sure I do. Why don’t you explain what you’re referring to?” “Get out.” “Say you masturbated, and I’ll get out.”

Emerie’s job is a psychologist who specializes in marriage counselling. Pretty much the opposite of what Drew does, though this isn’t much of a conflict between them. Emerie’s in love with another guy – Baldwin, her former teacher and the person she came all the way to New York to get to notice her. But can her crush hold weight over the friendship she’s developing with Drew? Even if he clearly is a one-night-stand kind of guy?

Drew’s got an unhappy history which led him to his misogynistic leanings, and we find out why via snippets of his past interlaced with his present day story. He sounds like a douche but he comes across much more likeable, and you know he just needs the love of a good woman to wake up his iron-clad heart.

This story is dual perspective, and we get insight into therapy sessions and divorce cases as the H&H work side by side. They have differences of opinion on relationships but lots of other aspects of their personalities are in common so they made a good fit romance-wise. There were medium-heat sex scenes that weren’t over-long and as hot as I expected from Drew. Nothing wrong with them but somehow I thought this would be kinkier.

Overall the pace was good, the angst wasn’t too painful. There were sweet scenes with Drew’s son, and lots of moments of humor and chemistry between Drew and Emerie which made me smile.

Rating: B+

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by Vi Keeland
Release Date: January 16, 2017
Publisher: Everafter Romance

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