Review: Every Little Thing by Marie Force

Reviewed by Shelly

I keep coming back for more from the Abbotts. Molly, the family matriarch, has a sister, Hannah. Like Molly, Hannah has quite a brood of her own. Eight. Grayson, Noah, Izzy, Vanessa, Alison, Jackson, Henry and Sarah.

As the oldest, Grayson has been man of the house since their father, Hannah’s husband, left the family many years ago. That should be an interesting story of why it took him that long to leave, but good riddance. Grayson, at 36, is now a successful lawyer and just recently bought out of his firm to finally live his life. He’s moved back to his home town where his family, including the Abbotts live.

Twenty-nine year old Emma Mulvaney is a single mom of a precocious 9 year-old. Simone is an absolutely adorable kid. As her mother says, she’s an old soul, but I think it’s mainly because her life has revolved around adults mostly, and she’s like any other child – she acts like those around her. Emma, Simone and Emma’s Dad, all New Yorkers, are in Butler to see Emma’s sister, Lucy, and her fiancé, Colton Abbott, for the Christmas season. This is book 1 in the Butler, Vermont series and picks up after Ain’t She Sweet – Green Mountain, 6.

Seeing each other across a crowded Abbott gathering, Emma and Grayson immediately feel the spark of attraction. During the night, they get to spend some time together, getting to know each other. There’s a very funny conversation between Grayson and Simone that sets the tone for their relationship. Somewhere along the way, Emma and Grayson have a chance to sit down and have a real conversation. For Emma, things are not as easy as they might seem, mainly the conception of Simone. Their relationship picks up quickly after that night.

I really enjoyed Emma and Grayson. I liked that they each had a story, and I really liked that they were willing to work through their issue and be supportive of each other rather than tearing the other down by either neglect or feelings of guilt. There are a few hurdles that the couple have to jump over, but nothing overly dramatic, and Linc and Elmer do what they have always done and all’s right with the world.

There’s nothing about this story or the Green Mountain series, actually, that limits these characters. They’re successful; I’m not talking about financially, in their own rights. The majority of them are young, so they’re starting out in life and they’re starting families of their own. One of the things that I hold in high regard is that the parents of the Abbotts are still very much involved in their children’s lives. I didn’t say they rule their lives – just involved. And even though Hannah is a single mom and a tad bit bitter (with reason, I think) she had time for all of her children.

It’s kind of a funny thing while I was reading this – Grayson falling for a single mom. His mom was a single mom. I liked the full circle. If you’ve read the Green Mountain series, you would remember that the Abbotts and the Colemans are very much related. The mothers are sisters so the possibility of being in Butler, Vermont for a long while is very much a possibility. I can’t wait!

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Every Little Thing
by Marie Force
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Publisher: HTJB, Inc

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