Review: Fury on Fire by Sophie Jordan

Reviewed by Jen

Fury on Fire is book 3 in the Devils Rock series by Sophie Jordan. I did not read books one or two, but I didn’t really feel the lack. It seems the series surrounds three guys who served time together in prison. The hero of this book, North, was there for 12 years. His crime? Accidentally killing the man who raped his cousin.

As the story begins, North is two years out of jail and hasn’t truly recovered from his time there. He thinks he’s damaged goods and doesn’t see any hope for living a normal life. He does not consider himself relationship material. But he has sex with a new woman every night and apparently he’s so hot and so good, no one minds that there are no strings attached.

Faith is our heroine. She is the good girl to North’s bad boy. Her dad is the retired town sheriff; her brother is the current town sheriff. Both are overprotective and even though she’s 26 years old and a professional, they think there is something wrong with her getting her own place. She’s basically trying to spread her wings for the first time.

The set up between these two is your standard good girl/bad boy troop. She hears him having dirty sex through the walls, etc. etc. You know he is the one who is going to rock her world and she is going to be the one who convinces him that he is worthy of real love and not just hot sex.

There were parts of this book that really hit the mark. There was some good self loathing going on with North. I’m always a fan of a guy who doesn’t think he’s good enough for a girl. The problem is, in a lot of ways he’s not good enough for Faith, but that’s of his own making. He’s generally a butt and he is more the love ‘em and leave ‘em type of guy.

The over-protectiveness with Faith’s brother and dad is ridiculous. There’s this thing that goes on about Faith and North not seeing each other’s faces which was kind of trite and went on for a little too long. Though it takes forever for these two to initially come together, I did not mind that slow burn. It actually kind of worked. But what did not work was the fact that it took so long to get to that point, that afterward, the love was way too fast. I guess the author only had so much time to get to the end of the story and with the slowburn on the front the back end was basically Insta.

The sex scenes were pretty good. The actual sleeping scene was great. I guess, the pacing was just a little off. And I would’ve liked more time to feel that these two were actually in love with each other.

Rating B-

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Fury on Fire
by Sophie Jordan
Release Date: January 31, 2017
Publisher: Avon

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