Review: The Temptation of a Good Man by Delaney Diamond

Reviewed by Shelly

This is the 1st book in Delaney Diamond’s ‘Hawthorne Family’ series. I read the 3rd book (A Hard Man to Love) a few years back and decided to read the other books in the series.

On the night of her birthday, single mom Celeste gets a chance for a night out with her two friends. They meet at a local night club where the idea is to have some fun – music, dancing, drinking – then call it a night and go home. After getting to the venue, Celeste is greeted by 2 strangers talking with her friends. Roarke Hawthorne arrives late and is the 3rd stranger of the group to arrive and meet his friends. He’s introduced as a tenured professor with a Ph.D. in physics who drove up from his college just for the night – to celebrate with his friends, Xander and Lucas.

Once Roarke sees Celeste in her gold mini halter top dress and high heels, he can’t wait to bed her. He doesn’t have to wait too long. The couple separate from their friends to go to a more low key club and talk for a few hours. As they’re leaving the more intimate setting, things start to heat up. It just so happens that it starts to rain and Celeste and Roarke get stuck under an awning waiting for the rain to stop. There’s some groping and pushing up of skirts and pulling down of bodices and next thing you know the couple is having sex under the awning. After Roarke provides Celeste with a much needed orgasm they head back to his room at the Ritz Carlton. They have their night together and Celeste leaves in the morning without a note or a see ya later (she already knows it’s a one-night stand). I might have forgotten to tell you that Celeste’s daughter (from her previous marriage) is 6 years old and is being baby sat by Celeste’s mother.

After their one night stand, things happen and Celeste ends up being the ‘pretend girlfriend’ of Roarke’s brother during their sister, Cassidy, wedding. There’s a lot of testerone flying around the room when Roarke sees Celeste on his brother’s arm and doesn’t like it. He accuses her of cheating and he doesn’t like cheaters and says some pretty harsh words to Celeste. It’s nothing too bad because they make out about 5 mins later. The supposed tension between Celeste and Roarke was so ridiculous because it was literally a question away from being solved.

As I write this review, I’m trying to figure out how much I’m supposed to like Celeste or Roarke. It should be a lot as they’re the main characters and this is a love story/romance. What I found actually happened was that I developed apathy for them both.

Roarke came off as a very smart guy – he’s got a Ph.D and went to MIT. He’s sensitive and caring – he took care of his brother and sister when their parents died within a year of each other. He’s still close to his family. He’s rich. None of these things made him likeable to me because I don’t feel like I got to know him. There was little that I got directly from Roarke. His past actions were one thing, but his current actions towards Celeste were a primary focus for me and I think he treated her like crap. Unfortunately for me, Celeste was a weak heroine and kept coming back for more no matter how poorly Roarke treated her.

I wish this had better editing which could have made these people more than the single dimensional characters that they were. I wish I knew more about Celeste’s relationship with her daughter. I wish I knew more about her daughter. I wish I knew why Celeste is supporting her mother; I didn’t read anything about the mother either being disabled or too old to be independent. I wish I knew more about Celeste and her being a single parent to her daughter – the daily struggles of juggling work and child. I wish I knew Celeste thoughts and feelings about anyone but Roarke. And Roarke…whatever dude, you’re a jerk to the woman you supposedly love.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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The Temptation of a Good Man
by Delaney Diamond
Release Date: September 19, 2011
Publisher: Garden Avenue Press

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