Review: For Better or Worse by Delaney Diamond

Reviewed by Shelly

It’s official, this last book in the Hawthorne Family series is my least favorite. I’ve read a fair amount of books, regardless of genre and the heroine, Cassidy is one of most unlikeable characters I’ve ever read. Although not a medical term – I’m going to label her as crazy. Her actions towards her husband walked a fine line between hostility and psychotic. The sex made everything better, though. Doesn’t it always?

Cassidy and her husband Antonio have been married for about a year. They’re not happy because she’s not happy. Cassidy suspects that Antonio is cheating on her – all the time. While he’s at work, while he’s traveling for work – she thinks he’s cheating. Antonio has his own PR firm; his clients are primarily athletes. That’s how he supports her and the very large home they live in. In the past, he’s relayed to Cassidy what lengths some women are willing to go through to get to those athletes. I’m not even in disagreement with him telling Cassidy that information, because it’s a reality of what happens in the world where he makes his living. However, what I am curious to know is – if he’s an good man, which I believe him to be and so should his wife as she married him knowing his occupation, why not trust him until he proves that he’s no longer trustworthy?

Antonio hasn’t done anything, other than being a man, to incite her suspicions. For this reader, by inference and his lack of a spine in telling his wife what his expectations are when she’s railing on about him cheating, I’m going to say that Antonio’s content in his marriage. He knew of Cassidy’s tendency towards jealously because she’s always been that way, even before they married. Argh, I wish I knew more about their courtship.

Looking back, the only thing that separates Cassidy’s story from her brothers’ is that the story takes place after her marriage. Cassidy’s idea of marriage was based on catching her husband in a lie/cheating, and it confused me, because I didn’t understand why she even got married. Come to find out that Antonio had to ask her three times. You might ask why? There’s some lame excuse having to do with her cheating douche of a father whose sins ‘made’ the three brothers act like douches in the first three stories – that gets old very quickly.

The secret was so mundane and not even worthy of a mention except it allowed the audience to see Cassidy at her very worst – after spying on her husband to find out his whereabouts she follows him, finds him, accuses him of infidelity then begins to physically assault him. That was so so wrong on so so many different levels. I’ll tell ya this and leave it at that – if that was Antonio treating her that way – this book wouldn’t have so many positive reviews.

There was so much of this story I strongly disliked, hate to too strong a word, but it boarded frequently. And let me not even get into Cassidy’s job as an ‘ethical’ hacker – she used her powers for bad and not good.

I was disappointed in the resolution for their marital woes for a single reason – it was completely absent.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: F

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For Better or Worse
by Delaney Diamond
Release Date: February 22, 2013
Publisher: Garden Avenue Press

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