Review: Life of the Party by Kris Fletcher

Reviewed by Jaimie

Life of the Party is the first book in the Calypso Falls series by new-to-me author Kris Fletcher. If you are looking for a really intense or in-depth book to read this is not for you, but if you want a fast, predictable read, I would definitely recommend it.  The main couple was developed enough that I was invested in their future, the story moved along at a nice pace, and overall it was a fun read.

Jenna Elias appears to the life of the party, living large with no strings, but the truth is far more complicated.  After surviving her father’s political scandal, she is now back home in Calypso Falls, partially paralyzed, divorced and with nothing to her name. Growing up, she was daddy’s little girl and out of all of her siblings, she was the closest to him. That all ended when he faked his own death to avoid going to jail. Jenna struggled with what her dad did and she was unable to keep up with school. She dropped out and married a rich guy and became a trophy wife which she is not proud of.

Cole Morrissey is a workaholic, ambitious lawyer who is running for Mayor of his hometown. His views on relationships are not hearts and flowers, but he is immediately drawn to Jenna when he meets her.  While politics is a messy game, when it comes to the mayoral race, he genuinely wants to do the right thing and help people.

An accident left Jenna with paralysis and changed her life forever, and Daddy dearest is about to be released and wants to move back home.  To say she is under pressure is an understatement, and her views on love are as jaded, if not more so, than Cole’s. When she is asked to help out with Cole’s campaign she agrees, despite her discomfort at dealing with politicians. They make a good team and the sparks between them are about to catch fire.

I really liked the banter between Cole and Jenna and their chemistry jumped off the page. Despite the hell Jenna has been through, she is a strong and fiercely independent woman who refuses to let the dents to her pride that her disability causes, keep her down.

The interplay between Jenna and her sisters reminded me of exchanges I have with mine and that made me enjoy reading them a little more. I liked that the focus wasn’t totally on the main couple, and the secondary characters really brought a lot to the table. I’m looking forward to reading some of their stories in future books.

Cole had moments that he was a jackass but there was nothing that turned me off him totally. Jenna deserved some happiness after everything and seeing her find it with a politician was a great way to bring her story full circle.

Overall this was a fun, fast read with likable, relatable characters and I am really glad I gave it a shot. Looking forward to reading more from this author and following this series.

Rating: B

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Life of the Party
by Kris Fletcher
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Publisher: Intermix

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