Review: Lily’s Mistake by Pamela Ann

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve had this book in my TBR for quite a while; it’s a new to me author. The only reason I started reading was because I was in the mood for what I thought would be an easy read. Indeed, it was a very easy read, but the author decided to throw in everything including the kitchen sink. Drake Tatum and Lily Alexander grew up together. Two years older than Lily, Drake is literally the boy next door who Lily can’t help but fall for. She’s loved him all her life. She’s loved only him all her life. Drake lusted after Lily and after she’d thrown herself at him a time or two, at 18 years old she gave her virginity to him. He most willingly took that offer. Unfortunately Drake so disliked the idea of what a relationship with Lily would entail so much that he left the day after their night together.

The meat of the story takes place eight years after their fated night together. She’s without a job and in need of one. (I’m not sure why because there’s mention that she inherited half of her deceased father’s wealth.) ‘Desperate’ for a job, Lily takes a job offer from Drake’s mother as his personal assistant (i.e. gopher.) To say I was confused about the relationship that Drake played at the company where he worked is putting it mildly. His mother had hiring power over his department’s employees while his fiancee (I’ll get back to that) had firing power over those same employees. I don’t know who gave that chick those kind of powers, but it didn’t make sense considering I don’t remember reading that she had at job at the company.

I wanted to like Lily. I think I might have liked her if it were not for the ridiculousness that Ann wrote her into. From Lily’s internal dialogue and her dialogue with Drake – she should have been smart and savvy. She knew what Drake actually was. He’s an a*shole to the umpteenth degree. She remembered he left her the night after their thing back in the day. She remembered he made no attempt to contact her in the eight years since, and they’ve not been in other’s presence.

Lily knew he broke up with his fiancee in a restaurant full of people without fanfare or even a civil discussion. The fiancee was crazy (yes, I know it’s not a medical term). Drake knew that and Lily knew it to a certain degree because the chick had the shifty eyes and the bad attitude when Drake wasn’t around to substantiate her level of crazy. Lily knew all of that yet after a single day of interaction, Drake had his finger in her privates. While she’s saying ‘no’ with her mouth, she’s saying ‘yes’ with her body – well that’s according to Drake anyway. This yes/no dynamic repeated itself throughout. I can’t stand heroines like that.

There’s so much in this story that didn’t make me happy. Drake’s callousness towards Lily eight years prior is a hurdle I couldn’t get over. His apology rang hollow and disingenuous. The sex between them happened way too quickly considering Lily’s righteous indignation over Drake’s previous treatment of her. This is my favorite thought from Lily about Drake.

He’s the epitome of a player: an insensitive jerk and two-time prick to boot! The absolute worse of the worst.

The same woman who thought that also had this is say before she and Drake had sex. I actually couldn’t believe that this got past the editing process.

“Are you on the pill?” he asks… I shake my heard, since his hand makes it impossible for me to speak. He cusses, panting like a maniac, but it doesn’t stop him from pummeling me. His tongue nibbles on my earlobe. “Can I come inside you? Is it safe?”
Was it? I had my period a week and a half ago. Am I ovulating? I have no clue. It should be okay, right?

How am I supposed to think that this is a smart woman?

Then when I thought this would make a sweet HEA exit into the night, the cliched Nicholas Sparks themes rare their ugly heads. NO! NO! NO!

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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Lily’s Mistake
by Pamela Ann
Release Date: February 28, 2013

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