Review: All The Rage by T.M.

Reviewed by Joanna

This novel caught my eye because of the unusual career of the protagonist – Rage is a contract killer. Pshaw, you say. What’s unusual about that? Well, Rage is a nineteen-year-old woman. And she’s been doing the job for three years.

So let’s start again. This is a romance where our heroine has some pretty deep rooted issues. As a child she’s told she’s different – indifferent, in fact. Emotionless, a hypochondriac and complete germaphobe. Her bouts of rage earn her her nickname from the only person she lets be her friend.

Cody tried to help Rage, but after prom she hits the road. It’s either that or end up in a mental institute as she can’t be what she has to be. Not for him, not for her parents, and least of all herself.

Rage wants to kill.

“The one who left her closet doors open at night, hoping the monsters would come out and take her home with them. The one who hadn’t yet learned the art of the lie. Or the art of the kill.

She loves the feeling of letting loose her anger, succumbing to the haze and achieving the sweet release death gives her. With the help of Smoke, a motorcycle club member who trains her, she carves out a new existence.

Nolan is minding his own business, drowning in his fetid pool in the garden of his grandparents’ beach house, when a beautiful girl in a white bikini dives in and saves his dumb ass. She berates him for not cleaning the green algae-filled pool then leaves him to choke up the rest of the water on his own.

Nolan, meet Rage.

“I’d never seen anything like the girl in my arms. Beautiful. Strong. Fierce and Fiery. A force greater than any storm and twice as destructive. In some ways, she was naive. Innocent even. In other ways, she was the devil himself. I’d never wanted anyone more.

Our boy is in a wheelchair having broken his leg, and his ice hockey career has hit the skids because of the injury. The highly unusual woman who saved him utterly intrigues him, so much so he doesn’t even mind when she runs off his fuckbuddy the next day.

But Nolan’s a mark. Smoke sent Rage in to get information from the muscle-bound hazel eyed handsome boy. Can you imagine once they’re friends how she’ll feel when she gets the call to kill him? If she’ll even feel anything at all?

Well I was gripped. I really liked Rage, though if she met me she’d probably want me dead. Nolan was good to start with – his character developed slowly so the person I thought he was at first changed quite a lot.

Despite the downbeat sounding outline, this isn’t a dour book. (Though it is pretty dark in places.) Rage isn’t an emotional type so her search for self isn’t draining. She’s fun and powerful, and I liked being in her head. Nolan is sexy and there’s something of the club-em-and-drag-em-away about him. I didn’t overly mind the motorcycle club elements to this story. It doesn’t dominate though it’s a bigger part of the tale in the second half, and because the tale centers on a strong woman I didn’t have that bitter taste of misogyny in my mouth.

The book is standalone but it features characters from the King series by Frazier, which I’ve been meaning to pick up. Might do that now.

Rating: B+

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All The Rage
by T.M. Frazier
Release Date: June 7, 2016


  1. Wow. I did not see that coming. This sounds like an amazing read.

    • It was pretty good, Kristin. I went on to read a couple of books in the King series after, but this was by far the best. Happy reading, if you pick it up.

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