Review: Dark Alpha’s Lover by Donna Grant

Reviewed by Ronelle

You can’t escape a Reaper. The brotherhood of elite, paranormal assassins answer only to Death. And when Death says it’s time, don’t expect to weasel out of it. A Reaper will be coming for you.

The same is true for Catriona. The half-Fae thinks that her family’s magic—a magic that has gotten others killed—has skipped her. That is, until it explodes into being with no warning and proves to be stronger than anyone could ever have dreamed. On top of that, she’s captured the lustful attention of a Reaper.

A Reaper who wants her and will risk anything to have her and keep her safe.


This was one of those books that I neither loved nor hated. The story failed to grab me early on and I often found myself just sort of wandering through the pages, rereading bits because I couldn’t remember what they said. Due to that lack of interest, I almost DNF’d this, but decided to finish it to see if perhaps I was just in a funk. While I never did become super invested in the characters, Dark Alpha’s Lover was a decent romance read and even being the fourth in the series, it made sense on its own. I just wasn’t wowed by any aspect of the tale.

Cat and Fintan were all right as individuals but they seemed to show the most development when taken as a couple. I’m not gonna lie; at first, I was NOT shipping this relationship. Cat was initially operating under the impression that Fintan was there to kill her, but she was still checking out his chiseled jaw and killer legs. Fintan came across as an emotionless killing machine with zero indication that anything but revenge was on his radar. As the story went on, I grew less hostile towards them together. Their relationship had a million reasons not to work, but they figured it out and the reader was given a nice, neat HEA. An HEA which turned out to be much more tame than I expected. Death was definitely my favorite character, though (Ballgowns? Hell yes!), and it was refreshing to see the character be something other than some skeletal dude carrying a scythe.

I wasn’t paying enough attention when I agreed to review Dark Alpha’s Lover and so didn’t notice that it’s the fourth in this series. Ms. Grant did a great job introducing pertinent elements from the previous books into this story at just the right moment and in just the right amounts. I found myself wondering about the other Reapers, but not so much so that I was lost.

Dark Alpha’s Lover was fairly well edited. I did spot the occasional typo (mostly incorrect word choice, such as lying vs. laying) but nothing so atrocious I wanted to set something on fire. One more round of editing wouldn’t hurt, but the book doesn’t suffer horribly without it. The one thing that did make it difficult to read was the formatting. No matter how big or small I made the text or adjusted the margins in-app, there remained a lot of white space along the edges. Due to my visual impairment (I’m legally blind), I need the text at a certain size and this meant only getting two or three words per line. And no, that has nothing to do with my settings, because I’ve had plenty of other books (most of them, in fact) display just fine. So, Ms. Grant, if you’re reading this, can you pretty please fix that issue?

Bottom line: I was not wowed by this story. But, if you’ve read and enjoyed the rest of the Reaper series, you might also enjoy this.

Rating: B-

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Dark Alpha’s Lover
by Donna Grant
Release Date: April 18, 2017
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

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