Review: Fantasy of Frost by Kelly St. Clare

Reviewed by Elle

Before I say anything else about this book, I firstly need to have a fangirl moment – eeeeepppp!!! This book was sooooo good! So good, that when I finished it, I immediately got on every social media platform I have and raved about it!

But lets back track. Fantasy of Frost was the debut novel from self published author Kelly St Clare (She’s since published quite a few more!). As the eldest child, Olina is the princess of Osolis. She is destined to become the next Tatum, taking over from her mother. She should have led a charmed life – instead she’s lived a life worse than those in the poorest village of her world. Veiled from birth, no one, including Olina, has ever seen her face. She’s been locked away, tortured and beaten for reasons known only to her evil mother. But things are about to change.

Peace delegates from their neighbouring planet Glacium, have arrived, and despite her circumstances, Olina finds herself the interest of one of them. Prince Kedrick, younger brother of the King of Glacium, is so very different to her people. He is tall, handsome, loud, straight to the point and thinks nothing of questioning Olina about her life. He’s everything the reserved people of Osolis aren’t. Despite her veil, and their very different upbringings, the two find themselves secretly spending more and more time together, and love blossoms.

Olina, spurred on by her love for Kedrick, finally agrees to trust him, and reveal her face to him. But other forces are at work, and her decision that night, changes both their lives forever, and sets her on a path she might not be able to come back from.

This sounds like I’ve given away the whole book, but I swear this all happens in the first few chapters and is the set up for what is an amazing series full of action, adventure, romance and humor.

For me, the best things about this book are the characters. Olina is a complete badass. The way she was raised is the perfect set up for a character that is both humble and kind, but will fight for what she believes in. The supporting characters are all so well fleshed out that they feel like main characters. They all go through huge amounts of character growth, and I loved watching the way they changed and interacted with the situations they found themselves in.

The plot is unique and had me nervously biting my nails and flying through the pages as quick as my kindle would allow. We’re thrown right into the middle of Kedrick and Olina’s romance early on, but there’s also a slow burn romance that continues throughout the series that is oh so delicious and full of tension.

My only complaint is that early on, I found the explanation of how the two planets worked a little confusing, but if you put that aside for a few chapters, it becomes more clear later in the story.

And for anyone that might be concerned about trying a self published author- you need not fear! This book is beautifully edited, without a loose end or a typo in sight. I truly can’t recommend it enough.

Rating: A+

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Fantasy of Frost
by Kelly St Clare
Release Date: January 14, 2015

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