Review: Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy

Reviewed by Jaimie

So many of my favorite series are wrapping up and reading this one made me so sad! Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy is the last book in her Killer Instinct series and involved two couples I’ve been dying to read. We FINALLY got our Liam and Sully story and we also got Cate and Ash’s story to end the series with a bang. I am so sad to see this one end, but Ms. Kennedy ended it with perfection.

As we discovered in Noelle and Jim’s story, Jim had a daughter, Cate, who he had never met despite the fact that she was 17 years old. Cate was raised by her grandfather who hated Jim for what he had done to his daughter, and eventually, the team rescued Cate who lived with them all in Costa Rica. But as the big bad alpha man, Jim tried to coddle and protect his newly found daughter despite the fact that she secretly trained with Noelle and her group of women.

David Ashton (“Ash”) is the youngest member of Jim’s team and is immediately drawn to Cate. But he takes his loyalty to Jim a little too far when convincing Cate he wants nothing to do with her. He gets why her dad doesn’t want her with a mercenary, but he can’t help the attraction he feels for her. To “save” her he winds up breaking her heart.

After being rejected one time too many, Cate takes a job as a photographer for an up and coming journalist, taking her to one of the most dangerous and unstable South American countries. While there, she accidentally takes a picture of a drug lord everyone thought was dead. When she sends the picture to her dad, who forwards it to the DEA, all hell breaks loose. A mole inside the DEA tells the cartel who immediately sends a hit squad after Cate. Barely managing to escape with her life, she calls her dad desperate for help.

When Jim, Noelle and the cavalry arrive to save her, there is a shoot out where a member of the team goes down with 3 bullet wounds. I don’t want to give too much away so I won’t say who it is that goes down but it is not a pretty situation. Before all is said and done one of the team will lose their life and it is horrible and heart breaking.

Moving to Liam and Sully, the duo hasn’t seen each other in two years, since the crushing scene at the end of Killer Instincts, which was D’s story. Sullivan had been kidnapped and tortured and wound up hooked on drugs. When we last saw him he was sailing off on his boat Evangeline and he refused to let Liam come with him.

Liam is living a life in Boston that makes him miserable. He’s in a long-term relationship with a woman named Penny, he’s working at his brother’s security company and he is restless and unhappy. When he gets the call that all hell has broken loose with the team, he wastes no time grabbing his bag and taking off to help. There he runs into Sully for the first time and he sees that his one-time best friend looks great. He’s off the drugs and seems to be happy.

Dealing with the complicated situation between them while a drug cartel is targeting the team and their families in order to get to Cate, makes the situation even more difficult and in some of the scenes, the emotions were jumping off the page. These two have been through the emotional wringer and seeing them come out the other end was so satisfying! We also find out the story behind the naming of Sully’s boat.

Because this was the last book in the series, pretty much everyone who was ever involved was brought back. There is a death that made me so sad, but it was done so well and almost made sense. During the Epilogue everyone is together again and seeing all the babies everyone has, and how happy they all are really tied things together nicely.

This series had some of the most damaged heroes and heroines I’ve read,but they were all done so well. As sad as I am to see it end, the entire series was excellent and I cannot recommend it enough if you like romantic suspense.

Rating: A

*ARC provided for review

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Midnight Target
by Elle Kennedy
Release Date: April 25, 2017

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