Review: Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

Reviewed by Shelly,

This is my first historical romance by Maya Banks, and instead of the traditional book, I chose the audio version. The narrator, Kirsten Potter, really brought those words and scenes alive for me and made my morning and afternoon commutes pleasant. Highland based historicals haven’t been on my radar in years because they tend to be repetitive but I decided on this because a fellow reader/reviewer tried it. Eveline is deaf. She had a riding accident three years prior and was sick with a fever. Once the fever and her illness went away she was left without the ability to hear. We don’t know if it was the fall or the fever but it doesn’t matter because the end results are the same.

Part of Eveline’s defense for the sudden deafness was to not speak. So she was labeled as ‘touched’ – ‘addled’ and some not so kind words, but Eveline was anything but. Her primary goal of this pretense was a valid thing. The thing she’s escaping by doing that is a valid thing.

Years into her pretense the King decides that he’s sick of the fighting between the Armstrongs and the Montgomerys. They are his two biggest armies and they’ve been in a feud (against each other) for centuries. His solution – a marriage between the Montgomery’s laird, Graeme Montgomery and the Armstrong’s only daughter, Eveline Armstrong. The only person looking forward to this is the King because the mandate and the stipulation that he puts on his orders is severe and will only benefit himself.

Eveline and Graeme are a good match. During their first meeting – Graeme who expected a child bride is pleasantly surprised when he sees Eveline and realizes that she’s a grown woman with the attributes to match. At first, he’s not even disappointed in her inability to speak. He soon after does though. And for Eveline, Graeme’s voice is like tinder to her ears. She loves the rumbling texture. She feels a safety with Graeme that she’s not felt in a long time and the best thing about Graeme is that he’s the answer to her prayers.

One thing that I really liked in Graeme and Eveline’s story is these two people were never at each others throats. There was no intent to harm each other. They knew the feud was not of their generation – it was of their forefathers. Even though the feud was kept by them, it wasn’t started by them and neither blamed the other for their predicament. That worked well for me. I thought the animosity held by Graeme’s clan towards Eveline was really good. The things those women did to Eveline were pretty devious. But Graeme’s reactions made me smile with a “that’s right Graeme – get ’em” every single time.

Eveline tenacity to not give in reminded me of some of my favorite heroines. There’s nothing about her that I didn’t enjoy. Learning to read lips to supplement her deafness – come on! who wouldn’t appreciate that kind of spunk.

The secondary characters – Eveline’s parents, her brothers, Graeme’s brothers and sister, the members of each clan, all of it worked to build a credible, fast paced story filled with action, dialogue and the sweet sexy words of a man speaking face to face to his woman in the bedroom.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B+/A-

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Never Seduce a Scot
by Maya Banks
Release Date: September 25, 2012
Publisher: Ballantine Books


  1. Great review. This was the first book I’ve ever read from this author and I loved it. Eveline was an amazing character and I liked how everyone had low expectations from her but she was just quietly observing everyone.

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