Review: Sin With Me by J.T. Geissinger

Reviewed by Joanna

This tale of love, heartache and star-crossed lovers is the third in this wonderfully angst-filled rock star series. Grace, a cool, sharp-dressed lady dates a different guy every month. Her conquests have a 30-day expiration date and she never ever lets them stay overnight. Cuddles? Affection? What are those?

Brody, a man she’s known since her friends hooked up with his friends, won’t take no for an answer. The guitarist for Bad Habit shared a closed-door moment with Grace at the end of book two (A.J. and Chloe’s story, which, incidentally, nearly killed me with the weeping I did over A.J.), and Brody wants more.

Fortunately Grace can’t keep her walls up around him. She sees her two girlfriends Kat and Chloe happy in love and her Important Reasons don’t hold as much sway as she previously thought. Her amnesia following the death of her parents in a terrible car crash has always been a reason to stay away from the L word, as what if her mind messes up again? How can you love someone knowing you might forget them? It would be too cruel, and despite her slick exterior, Grace is a creature of the feels.

Our couple’s descent into mutual addiction is pretty rapid (with a simply super denial of the Big D sex scenes which I love as a sexy-time anticipation enhancer – seriously, this is giving me chills right now remembering what happens when Brody slips up on his purpose), but that because there is something DREADFUL coming to get them and tear their happiness to shreds.

And they are adorably happy. Brody, dark secret nothwithstanding, is the sweetest guy. He’s so cute, with his sprawling rock star mansion and tiny housekeeper who only talks to him in Spanish and only then to tell him how useless he is. (He doesn’t speak Spanish – Magda is brilliant.)

“More irritated Spanish. I have no idea what she’s saying because I don’t speak the language, but I think the gist of it is that I’m lazy, stupid and an embarrassment to all people with testicles everywhere.”

Then there’s the time he meets Marcus – Grace’s date at Brody’s housewarming party where she’s still trying to hold back.

“Marcus shakes my hand. It’s like trying to shake hands with a catcher’s mitt. We give each other a manly, serious nod. I try really hard not to puff out my chest the way my inner toddler is demanding I do.”

Brody takes Grace to church – by which he means surfing the waves off the beach in his back garden. But don’t let Brody’s laid back surfer chill fool you. Dude’s hella sexy too. He likes to be in control in the bedroom – think light bondage and spanking – and boy can sexy-talk like you wouldn’t believe. As he’s utterly trustworthy, gentle and devoted this is a real button-pusher. There’s nothing but a good time to Brody’s dominance – important for Grace as she’s usually calling the shots so this is all she needs to fall.

So about this point I’m chatting with Geissinger on Twitter, complimenting the lovely unfolding romance, as you do, when she warns me not to get too comfortable – she’s going to mess everything up. Now I was expecting this for Brody and Grace. Of course something has to go wrong for them! If they weren’t tested, how would we know their love was real? I was NOT expecting it for a different pairing from a previous book. Why, Geissinger? *sobs* Why did you make me worry so?

There’s lying (to protect someone, so it’s forgivable), drama and violent death – if “A lone finger, torn from the root. A foot, still clad in a red high-heeled shoe” doesn’t get you in the throat, I don’t know what will.

Watch out people, this author enjoys twisting the knife, but she always does it with a smile, and I come away wrenched and torn, but ultimately wearing a matching grin.

Rating: A

*ARC provided for review

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Sin With Me
by J.T. Geissinger
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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