Review: The Bride by S. Doyle

Reviewed by Joanna

This author was recommended by another author I love (her majesty Molly O’Keefe), and I’m glad I took notice. This is a tale of a marriage of convenience between a sixteen year old and a guy in his mid-twenties – but don’t fear, our boy is as honorable as the day is long. Which all makes for a very proving story.

Ellie’s the daughter of a 4th generation rancher. Sam, her father, is almost everything to her since her mother died. Aside from Jake. He’s the son of Sam’s best friend, a man who died leaving Jake homeless and his neighboring ranch land held by Sam. Sam and Ellie took Jake in and he lived and worked on their estate, sleeping in the bunkhouse. He very much sees Ellie as a little sister. When Sam dies suddenly from heart failure, the two young people are all each other has.

Because of her age, Ellie is told she has to go into foster care. This is unthinkable to her, and to Jake as well. Her ranch and land would be have to be handed over to a temporary manager and who knows what would be left when she returned? Jake’s land would have a less certain future, and could even be sold off before he had a chance to save up and reclaim it.

The lawyer handling Ellie’s father’s will has another option – even though only sixteen, she can marry and avoid going into care. Jake steps in, much to the dismay of his girlfriend who’s been waiting for him to put a ring on it for a while now. He’d do anything for Ellie and her dad, and now is his chance to prove it.

The marriage of convenience has a time limit. As soon as Ellie turns 18, they’ll divorce. At the same time Jake will get money Sam bequeathed to him so he can get his land. Everybody wins, right?

Except people have feelings, and Jake and Ellie settle into being a family which feels very different at sixteen than it does when she’s almost eighteen. Their life isn’t easy, with the ranch being a hard physical place to run, and they rely on each other for almost everything. Her voice, which is young and bouncy at the start, changes.

I’m not going to tell you any more, except that this is simple, easy, and a three-parter, so there’s more to come.

And nothing happens that will scare the horses, except all the things you’d want to happen if you’re a fan of falling in love.

I already ordered books 2 & 3.

Rating: A

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The Bride
by S. Doyle
Release Date: April 6, 2017

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