Review: The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan

Reviewed by Joanna

Kristen Callihan is another one-click author for me, and I can’t get enough of her contemporary sports series Game On. This is the fourth, (fine as standalone) and Finn Mannus is the sportsman in question. He’s a quarterback for the New Orleans NFL football team (I’ve got to stop saying American football because you’re mostly all American, right?) and doesn’t do relationships. Stereotype? Yep. Hotter when they fall? Absolutely.

The eponymous Hot Shot is hipster Chester Copper (the weird things parents call their kids. Tsk). She’s an upcoming photographer employed to take nude pictures of the team for a charity calendar.

Well, girl’s gotta eat. There are worse job in the world, right? (If I was asked I’d be dead. Face down on the floor.)

The shoot goes fine but the annoying jock at the back, Finn, gets on Chess’s nerves. However it’s him that’s nervous when he comes to getting his kit off for the camera. The attraction between them rocked his boat, despite the lack of initial attraction.

“In short, she’s the type of female who has stayed clear of me for my entire post-pubescent life. And I’ve stayed clear of her type as well. Call it cliché; I don’t care. It’s just a simple truth; women who look like her have never had any interest in guys like me, and I’ve never given her type a second glance.”

Oh did I enjoy the chemistry between them, plus the lavishly described photos Chess takes. The cover shot is a wonderful replica of the picture Callihan describes in great detail. Do you ever wish you were in a scene in a book? I’d be in that studio in a flash. Delicious.

Now this isn’t a tale of two people easily falling in love. Chess has issues with sex, so she doesn’t often have it, and Finn has way too much of it and needs to chill with his dick for a while. They become friends. Well, friends with tension.

Then there’s some lovely forced proximity when, for plot reasons, Chess moves into Finn’s apartment, and I wanted to cry for them not kissing in the million opportunities they had. There’s a scene where the two of them just stand there which had me clutching my kindle way too hard in frustration. They’d had a fight and needed to reconcile their friendship, and they barely touch but the spark freezes them both and it was palpable.

Did I mention this was a sexy tale?

“I’d worshiped at the altar of Finn Mannus’s glorious cock, making it slick and swollen, caressing the tight ripple of his belly to keep him still.”

Callihan is such a great writer. You’ve probably read me complain about overused or strung out set ups and plot devices before – and in the wrong hands they can be so annoying. The miscommunication, the fake-dating, the misunderstanding, the text from a hot stranger causing jealousy. These all happen here but only to the point of pushing forward emotions, not annoying the reader.

The feel of the locations and the building up of the characters is all scrumptious.

“You get that a lot in New Orleans. Old jazz, older houses, cracked pavements, and gnarly oak trees that drip with moss pull you out the modern world and leave you feeling haunted by history.

Isn’t that lovely? I felt that the emotions became a little stretched near the end of the book and I didn’t perfectly understand Chess and Finn’s issues or reactions to them. There was also a couple of plot points that were left unanswered (very minor) and a fair sprinkling of typos that became distraction (I don’t mention it if under ten – but particularly in the second half there were quite a few more than that).

Overall an immersive and sexy story. I was wondering how on earth the beauty that is Dex (book 3-The Game Plan-virgin lumbersexual with piercings) could be topped, but so far he’s still my Game On book boyfriend.

Rating: B+

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The Hot Shot
by Kristen Callihan
Release Date: April 18, 2017


  1. Fantastic review!!! It was a lovely book, entertaining and sweet. Finn was so swoon-worthy.:D

    • Thanks Corina! I read earlier this is Callihan’s 13th book, and I think the quality is just getting better and better. (Except nothing beats Dex. *bangs my Dex drum*. Love him,)

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