Review: Baby, Come Back by Molly O’Keefe

Reviewed by Joanna

Second in the Bad Boy Romance series, we already met Jack and Abby, the main characters of this heart wrenching tale. They made appearances in book one, Bad Neighbor, where we found out Abby got pregnant and was running for her life from Jack, the baby’s daddy. We also know her twin was seeing Jack’s brother and even the brother thought Jack was dangerous and no good.

But when we met him in that story, there was obviously more to him than meets the eye. Deadly but not evil, weighed down with duty and broken bits, and carrying an unloaded gun, Jack is fascinating. He works for Lazarus, a mobster and a very bad man, but he’s not one of them.

What I was very interested in was why, all of a sudden, Abby was terrified of the guy she’d likely been in love with.

The clue is in the Before and After style of the chapters. They are Abby Before, and Abby After , and Jack Before and Jack After, hinting at a major event that transformed both of their lives.

Let me back up and give you the premise. Abby is a shot-girl. She thinks herself dumb, but she knows her power over men from her sleek beauty and reading of chemistry, so she’s surprised when Jack turns down her advances when he’s reading at a club she’s promoting vodka in.

Undeterred, our girl tries again, and eventually she breaks down the walls Jack constructed. They are high walls, too. He’s a dangerous man, that’s for sure. More than just the muscle it looks like he’s hired to be. Abby treats him well, and her tiny acts of caring are morsels of food for a starving man. Irresistable.

After some bad stuff goes down, they get a love-in for a couple of days – one of those sex-and-losing-time sessions which was just lovely to read. (And hot.) Tragedy was calling as there’s no way two people can walk away from that kind of passion without breaking part of them, but Jack laid down the law. He can’t have a relationship. He barely allows himself to have a life.

Then it all goes to hell, and the pregnancy isn’t the only reason Abby thinks Jack is pursuing her.

This is HEA, but the couple don’t get a lot of happy time. It’s wonderfully tortured, tentative, and hard. But the emotions run deep and the end is super-duper lovely, with hesitant and sweet emotions emerging.

Rating: A – I don’t think I’ll ever rate O’Keefe any less.

*ARC provided for review

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Baby Come Back
by M O’Keefe
Release Date: May 1, 2017

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