Review: Escaping Fate by Regine Abel

Reviewed by Ronelle

Amalia is a survivor, not just of a dying race, but of slavery. Since her unique abilities manifested, she’s been the prized pet of Gruuk, a notorious slaver. But she’s determined that won’t be all that life has to offer. When her master informs her that she’s next in line for his psi talent breeding program, escaping and attending the Fastening Ceremony on Xelix Prime to find a mate and protector is her only hope.

Like the majority of Xelixian males, Khel and Lhor are Tainted and the only hope a Tainted male has for survival is to find a Pearl—a female who can produce life-saving hormones. But Xelixian females are rare and females willing to mate with the Tainted are even rarer. No amount of wealth or status changes that…until Amalia walks right up to them at the Fastening.

Between Gruuk’s dogged pursuit, deadly rivalries, assassins and corrupted nobles, can the cousins keep Amalia safe or will their respective feelings for her tear them apart?


Admittedly, Escaping Fate was something a bit new for me. I’ve never read a true MFM romance before. I guess I always thought they’d be messy, complicated, and awkward. I assumed the relationships would be relegated to love triangles, and those just tend not to end well for all involved. Buuuut…*giddy hopping up and down* I ADORED THIS BOOK! No, seriously, Regine Abel is now officially in my Top 5 for favorite sci-fi/fantasy romance authors. Forgive me in advance for the fan-girling that follows.

Lhor, Khel, and Amalia totally blew my mind. They had real chemistry and their scenes together were HOT. Seriously, the romance in Escaping Fate was on fire. But there was more to them and their story than just gettin busy. Not only were they great together, but they were just as amazing as individuals. Amalia was feisty, independent, stubborn, and mischievous, but she also had a good heart and cared deeply for her new family. She refused to do things by the book and those around her were the better for it…usually. Khel and Lhor balanced one another well; for Khel’s hot-headed, jump-to-conclusions strength there was Lhor’s caring, compassion, cunning and vulnerability. They were the yin to the other’s yang. The reason for that, while a common trope, was handled in a unique way.

In addition to smoldering sexy times, there was also a lot of humor going around in Escaping Fate. Things that I found hilarious? Neptions (I’m pretty sure I own one, and yes, I’m looking at you, cat-on-my-desk), claws vs. fangs, and Khel turning into a kid in a candy store around Tuurean technology. (I hope someone will give you a battlecruiser for your next birthday, big guy.) And no, I’m not going to explain those things because I don’t want to ruin your discovery. Sorry-not-sorry. Just trust me, okay? They’re part of the world building and they’re freakin perfect.
Don’t get me wrong, Escaping Fate isn’t all humorous quips and sex. There were some serious social issues addressed here, including slavery and discrimination. Ms. Abel worked those topics into her narrative flawlessly and I loved the depth it gave the story and characters. I’m eagerly awaiting a sequel; I need to know what happens to Ghan, the slaves, and the Tainted on Xelix Prime along with a hundred other things.

Now, as much as I hate to rain on the parade I’ve been throwing, in the interest of honest disclosure, we need to talk about typos. First, I’ve been in email contact with Ms. Abel since reviewing Bluebeard’s Curse and so after spying a couple of typos in Escaping Fate, I gave her a heads-up and offered to make a list of any I came across. Second, she informed me that she had, indeed, hired an editor. Now that just makes me mad. Why? Because there were a couple dozen errors and they were ones that, if the editor knew what they were doing, should have been caught and corrected. This issue is the only complaint I have about this book.

Bottom line: For once, I don’t even really care about the typos, because the story and characters were THAT amazing. I highly recommend Escaping Fate to romance, sci-fi, and fantasy fans, and really just anyone who loves strong, feisty, witty heroines and sexy heroes who have equally awesome personalities.

Rating: Can I give it higher than an A?

*Book provided by author for review

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Escaping Fate
by Regine Abel
Release Date: April 14, 2017

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