Review: Go Big by Joanna Blake

Reviewed by Shelly

I recently read another of Joanna Blake’s stories Torpedo, and I didn’t realize (but I should have) that the heroes in her stories might be on the douchey side. Unfortunately for me, I feel dumber after having read Go Big. I really don’t know what I was thinking.

Cadewell Dupree is a man on a mission. He’s new to major league baseball. He’s one of these hitters who can hit any pitch thrown at him and he’s been recently signed off of a rig. The back story is silly and so rare as to be unbelievable.

During practice one day, Cade sees Camille Rivers in the stands. Camille is the daughter of the owner of the team. She’s petite. She’s curvy. She’s rich. She’s pretty. Cade decides he wants her. Initially he wants her for sex, but within a few days he wants her for more.

Camille sees Cade during practice. He’s big. He’s muscular. He’s got money. He’s handsome. Camille doesn’t want to want Cade, but she can’t help it because well – I’m not really sure.

Cade’s penis is named Thor. The penis has lots of other names but that’s the most frequently used one. I counted 10 times – but I could be wrong there. Yes, Cade is a grown man, but not only does he reference to his penis by that name he views it as an independent being with a mind of its own. Yep, Cade’s a grown man.

Camille is a smart woman, but this is the second heroine I’ve read from Blake who makes the dumbest life choices EVER. Sex with a know womanizer and no condom usage. Maybe in their world sexually transmitted diseases are extinct. Who knows.

The insta is strong in this story. The plot is juvenile and wrought with decisions that the young and dumb make. The misunderstandings/conflicts are stupid, yes we’re past silly and straight into stupid. The stereotypes are all accounted for, especially for Cade. He’s from the south and if you can think of every stereotype that’s made for people from the South – Cade’s character had most. And his disrespect of Mr. Rivers home was just wow. I would have shot him if he came into my home like that. Camille was just sad and the cliched rich girl. The insertion of a Savannah actually made me laugh out loud, because why not?

There’s a ton of sex in this story. Instead of talking these two have sex. Speaking of, there is way to much butt sex in this story. Way too much. But I digress. Good luck with this one because all I can do is shake my head and stay clear of this author’s work.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: F

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Go Big
by Joanna Blake
Release Date: June 20, 2016


  1. Eeeesh. Sorry you didn’t enjoy this one more. 🙁

  2. Joanna says:

    I’m still chuckling about this review now Just brilliant!

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