Review: If You Can’t Take the Heat by Melissa Brown

Reviewed by Elle

34 year old, Whitney Bartolina is the casting director for one of the biggest tv production companies in LA. It’s her job to travel the country to find the talent for a new, reality tv cooking show. After breaking up with her super famous, tv star boyfriend Nolan, Whitney is also ready to find some new talent to warm her bed.

But things get complicated when she crosses business with pleasure, and two of the competitors catch her eye with more than just their ability to cook.

Now, this author wrote an amazing book called Wife Number Seven, which was one of my favorite books of 2015. So although this book had a different feel, I was still expecting it to be amazing. I was disappointed.

Whitney, her ex Nolan, and contestant Charlie are the main three characters until about the 45% mark. And they’re all horrible. So self centered and shallow. I couldn’t find anything to like about any of them. Now normally, I would have DNF’d a book by this point, but I truly loved this author’s other work so much that I pushed through.

And in the end, I was mostly glad I did. Whit meets Wes about halfway through and hooray! Finally a character I could like! Whitney began evolving into a likable human in his presence. And as things heated up in the cooking show, I found myself liking this book more and more. A satisfying dramatic event, a HEA and Whitney’s character growth by the end, saved this book just in the nick of time.

Rating: C+. I would have liked to have rated it higher based on the last 30-40% but because of how much I disliked the beginning a C+ is the best I can do. I would still consider reading more from this author though not in this series.

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If You Can’t Take the Heat
by Melissa Brown
Release Date: February 16, 2016
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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