Review: Intense Pleasure by Lora Leigh

Reviewed by Jaimie

Intense Pleasure is the latest installment in the Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh and I was waiting for this story! During the last book Secret Pleasure we got to see more of Summer Bartlett (whose real name is Summer Calhoun), who presented herself as a cold agent capable of shooting someone she thought was a friend with no second thoughts. It was clear that there was more to Summer than the world saw so I was really looking forward to reading her book. There were a few slow moments throughout but overall this was a great addition to the Bound Hearts series.

Summer Calhoun is an agent in the private sector, after a successful career with the CIA and other agencies. The job was slowly killing her but leaving would mean walking away from Falcone and Raeg, the two men who hold her heart, and she hasn’t been able to make the break. During Secret Pleasure it comes out that one of their partners, a woman Summer trusted and put her life on the line for, was a traitor. In order to save Falcone, Summer is forced to shoot and kill her one-time friend and she knows now that she must give up this life even if it means walking away from Falcone and Raeg.

Falcone and Raeg are half brothers who not only share a father, but their mothers are in a relationship as well. While Falcone is more open with his feelings and affection for Summer, Raeg burns for her just as much. The brothers were taught a difficult lesson at a young age when their father killed the woman Raeg loved. Believing that they would be sentencing Summer to certain death if it gets out that they are in love with her, the men let her leave.

Six months after walking away from her job and the men she loves, Summer is preparing to finally head home to her house and family. She’s less than a day away from leaving when Falcone and Raeg finally track her down. The visit is not purely a social call, however. One of the most dangerous Russian mobsters around found out Summer’s true identity from the woman that betrayed them all and her family is now in danger. While her brothers and parents can handle themselves, Summer is most concerned about her younger sister. Knowing the enemy wants to play with her Summer heads home with Raeg and Falcone to try to draw the dangerous man out.

While the three are sharing a house to ensure Summer is always protected, the fire between them is burning out of control. The men are determined to save Summer and to do that they feel they must leave her behind when this is all done and they are slowly breaking her heart.

The twist of having Raeg and Falcone’s mothers be in love and be the couple that brought their dad in was a fun twist I haven’t seen before. It’s almost always two men so this just added an extra element to the story.

Raeg was a pretty big dick at some points to Summer’s father, but when you find out why you can sort of excuse the behavior. His asshole moments were not enough to completely sour me on him, but a few times I would have nailed him in the nuts.

The action was a bit slow here and there while waiting for the enemy to make his move, but the slow times gave ample time for the relationship to build and get us invested in them as a couple so it made sense.   There was a pretty big twist in the story that I really didn’t see coming and I always love when a story takes me by surprise.

Overall this book had some great turns, the chemistry between the three was smoking hot, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Rating: B+

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Intense Pleasure
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: January 3, 2017
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

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