Review: Juked by M.E. Carter

Reviewed by Elle

I’d often seen this book talked about in a book group I belong to, so when it was made free on Amazon, I decided I’d grab a copy for myself. I didn’t even read the blurb, since I’d seen so many people recommend it. All I knew about it was that it was a sports romance about a soccer (or football depending on which country you live in) player.

Juked started out great. Quincy’s world is rocked when she receives the phone call no one ever wants to get. Come to the emergency room, your sister has been in an accident. I felt instant sympathy for Quincy, especially as it turns out that her sister was her only surviving family member, and they hadn’t spoken in several months. The unthinkable happens – Quincy’s sister doesn’t make it. As bad as that is, Quincy is even more stunned when a nurse hands her a newborn baby- her nephew that she had never heard of. There’s no father on the birth certificate, so Quincy is it. The baby is hers to raise unless she wants him to go into foster care.

Quincy finds herself in the baby needs aisle of a supermarket, at midnight, with a distraught newborn, and pretty distraught herself. That’s where she meets soccer player Daniel. He’s a pretty big deal on the soccer scene, (not that Quincy knows anything about soccer) but he also has a big family and many nieces and nephews. He comes to Quincy’s aid, helping her out with the baby and his needs.

Its not long before she runs into him again, and so a friendship and a romance begins to develop between them.

Juked had such a promising beginning, I was close to tears as Quincy struggled alone in the supermarket, and cheered when Daniel stepped in to help her. And for the most part, the rest of the book was a reasonably enjoyable way to spend a few hours. It was an easy, no thought required read. It was cute and sweet. In the end though, it was really just ok for me. Other than the first chapter or two, nothing really stood out. It was just a series of dates, and misunderstandings and a predictable struggle when the baby’s father shows up out of the blue. And I had a few problems with it. The writing style is little clunky at times and in the very first sex scene, Daniel goes straight for anal play. He might like to warn a girl before he starts sticking his fingers in places she may not want them!

Worth the read if you’re a huge sports romance fan, but I doubt I’ll be continuing the series.

Rating: C+

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by ME Carter
Publisher: June 16, 2016

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