Review: Kiss Marry Kill by Sidney Halston

Reviewed by Joanna

This is a romantic suspense novel with a strong bodyguard and a sexy pop star going up against a creepy stalker. Megan is the star. Five years ago she and Jax, the bodyguard, had a whirlwind four-day romance before he deployed as a marine. Now he’s back and he’s horrified to find the girl he was too afraid to look up in case she’d married, is under attack by some creep at her sprawling mansion. Tough guy Jax leaps onto his motorbike and powers through the police and paparazzi, rescuing trembling Megan from her closet, the stalker long gone.

Phew. What an opening.

So the romantic suspense tale is third person with a vulnerable but feisty girl and a hard and damaged guy. It flicks back in time to when they met, giving us the immersive romance they fell into, then the present day deals with them rebuilding that passion. This is alongside him protecting her via his top level security firm as the stalker continues to stalk.

The problem with pitching a hero-is-the-best-protector model in a story like this is he always has to fail if there’s to be any drama. Jax is worried about being able to be on the ball protecting his Meg if he’s banging her, but what he really should’ve been worrying about were cameras and motion sensors that don’t work if it’s raining. Um, get it together dude.

The characters obviously fall in love – if they were ever out of it in the five years they were apart, and have hot (unprotected) sex a fair amount. Jax is dominant but Megan pushes his buttons, trying to bring him out of the aggro mood he’s mostly in. She wants the guy back that first swept her off her feet, kissing her for the kisscam at a sports event where they first met, when her boyfriend (a guy who was using her and is quickly dumped) refused.

But Jax’s experiences on his marine tour damaged him physically and emotionally. He’s got demons and has nightmares. That lack of sleep can’t help his astuteness.

Anyway, it’s a fun romp evading the creep. Megan’s pop group buddies are fashionable and shrieky. Jax’s security buddies are smart, tough and serious. There’s exotic locations, money strewn liberally and an inevitable love affair. Plus the twist at drama near the end led to an exciting finish.

There’s not much by way of character depth which is the reason this isn’t hasn’t got a B-rating from me, and the hero is healed from his PTSD by the heroine’s magic pussy, which is just wrong, but overall this is enjoyable, not in the least bit emotionally taxing and reasonably fast paced.

Rating: C+

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Kiss Marry Kill
by Sidney Halston
Release Date: March 28, 2017
Publisher: Swerve

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