Review: Kiss Me by Sharon Kleve

Reviewed by Shelly

Picking up directly after book 1, Kiss Me continues the adventures of Sage McGuire. As with Chase Me, this is a short read.

Sage is still working for Daniel who is as weird/interesting as ever. They have a dynamic that’s fostered by Daniel’s lack of brain cells and inexperience with having a job. Or at least that’s what I think based on what Sage knows or even cares to find out. But in reality it doesn’t even matter because she wants to quit that job for her dream job as a self employed private investigator.

Now Sage and Carter are a lot more serious and we’re told that they’re more in love than EVER. The snippets of communication between them is there more, but it’s always just a line or two. I’m still not vested in either Carter or their relationship. There’s a lot of ‘I love yous’ thrown about, but I’m still not sure why they fell in love with each other. The development of their relationship is non-existent and I don’t like that. By the way – stop with the washer and dryer sex; the new quiet appliances don’t do what you’re telling me that their appliances do. They just don’t.

I’m still confounded by Sage’s desire to be a PI because there’s so much she doesn’t know. But it’s been her dream of ‘finding missing pets, objects, and whatever got misplaced, since childhood’. After that line, I realized if her first missing is ‘pets’ then I see where this is going. This isn’t what I thought it was going to be. I expected adventure and shenanigans but Sage just comes off as dreams without a clear plan.

In this installment is that Sage does get her business up and started and she gets her first case. She’s even got an employee – a bit stereotypical (purple hair, pierced nose and eyebrows) but I expect that’s to be expected.

The storytelling still feels choppy, the characters are still unlikable and the contrived adventures of Sage are a turn off for me. I won’t be continuing with the series.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: D

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Kiss Me
by Sharon Kleve
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Publisher: Books to Go Now

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