Review: Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen

Reviewed by Joanna

In this series of more mature hockey romances, Sarina Bowen shows us how love isn’t always enough. Sometimes it doesn’t save the day, and more building blocks are needed to fix some relationships. Trust, honesty and commitment are as big issues. These are grown up thoughts happening right here in this second chance romance.

Lauren, office manager and support staff for the Brooklyn Bruisers, has been in love with Mike Beacon, goalie, for years. They were a loving couple until he broke up with her out of the blue, returning to the wife he’d been separated from, who was sick. Lauren didn’t know his reasons as he rather cruelly left her in the lurch.

Two years on, and despite being still hung up over the guy she has to see in work, thirty-something Lauren decides she’s going to take life by the horns. She wants a baby, so why not have one? Who needs a guy for that nowadays? With a fertility clinic lined up, she peruses the bios of sperm donors. Funny that three of the four she picks all look like Mike.

In the meantime, Mike is finally getting over the wife (who’s happily now dead). He’d fallen out of love with the woman before she got sick (and before she cheated on him), but because of their daughter he did the only thing he could see as being right by his family. What a noble guy / idiot. Lauren was his world and he knows what a fool he was.

Could you forgive him? Well, maybe I could. Mike’s such a great guy, and you can see his desperate reasoning. Even so, this is why love isn’t enough. Mike needs to prove himself if he wants Lauren back. And all while she’s got other plans in mind.

There’s lots to like here. Mike has to chase Lauren, who he calls ‘Lo’, which is always a nice storyline. The chemistry between them is simmering, and the chase isn’t too difficult or angsty.

All week long at work, she wore suits and wrote the persuasive missives that helped power Nate’s global empire. She maintained her own apartment and made all her own decisions.

But sometimes a girl just needed to be spread out on a bed and properly fucked. He’d always been just the man for the job.

The series overall is highly polished, and it’s like I’m watching episodes of a TV series, with the recurring characters, the well-envisaged backdrop of the Bruiser’s stadium.

Of course it’s a HEA – I won’t read anything else – and my fingers are crossed for the club owner, Nate’s, story being up next.

Rating: B

*ARC provided for review

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Pipe Dreams
by Sarina Bowen
Release Date: May 2, 2017
Publisher: Berkley

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