Review: The Wanderer by Robyn Carr

Reviewed by Joanna

Here’s a location-strong community-style slow-mo romance, which I wandered through a little confused by, but ended up in love with.

The story is contemporary with an old fashioned feel, where women do girl talk and shopping, guys drink beer and members of the opposite sex don’t quite communicate right. I don’t mean to misrepresent the book – Sarah, our main heroine, is a helicopter pilot, as previously was Cooper, our main hero. But Sarah’s also a mom (well, raising her brother from when he was 6 years old) and managing a household. Coop’s a drifter, and talks like he’s 70 though he’s not quite 40. Fortunately he’s handsome and honorable, and interesting enough to draw me in.

To the story. Coop goes where the wind takes him. One day he winds up in Thunder Point, Oregan, there on the invite of old army friend, Ben. Unfortunately he’s a little late – Ben died a few weeks before when he fell in the basement of his beach bar ‘n bait shop. Coop drives his 5th wheel recreational vehicle down to Ben’s place and starts to find out about his friend’s life in Thunder Point. There’s a suspicion about how Ben died, and Coop befriends the local cop to find out more before he moves on.

The cop, Mac, or Deputy Yummy Pants, gets a voice in this tale. As does Gina, his BFF and secret-love-he-can’t-have, his aunt Lou, and also Sarah, a woman Coop sees on the beach. Possibly one or two others too. I say I was confused – head hopping does this to me.

Also the fact that Coop and Sarah don’t even talk until halfway through left the romance in question. But then in the second half there was all the romance with at least four different pairings going on. My confusion evaporated.

Coop decides to extend his stay a little longer, once he finds Ben left him the bar n bait shop plus the whole extensive beach in his will. He involves himself into the town and the interesting community, all while getting offers to sell up the wildlife-rich beach to developers. He could live comfortably on the proceeds, if he was so inclined. The surroundings are gorgeous. The wide expanse of beach and craggy rocks between Ben’s place and the town. The weather and the storms the place is named for. The bird sanctuary. The way people get around using beach buggies. It captured my imagination and I felt fully immersed, which is a great talent on behalf of the writer. I want to holiday in Thunder Point, with a kayak and one of their hulking heroes to show me how things work around there.

The fact is, even though we aren’t a rich town, we have a very low unemployment rate. A lot of people work away from Thunder Point, some as far as North Bend, but they work. This place doesn’t have tearooms and souvenir shops, and the closest malls are in Bandon and Coquille. And we’re out here on the ocean by ourselves. I like it that way.

The tale contains a limited amount of detail in the bedroom besides reference to condoms and orgasms. More cuddling occurs if you like your romance without lengthy sex scenes. It also covers the full gamut of relationships of a lady in her sixties, our main two couples in their 30-40s and one teenage romance.

The atmosphere of this book had me held so much in thrall I panic-bought the next in the series, keeping my taxi waiting so it downloaded before I left the house. The gentle safe-snug feel was wonderful. Recommended for those who need a warm bath and a glass of wine-style read at the end of their busy day.

Rating: B+

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The Wanderer
by Robyn Carr
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA


  1. Your review perfectly captures the essence of the story. Slo-mo romance it definitely is but works. I love this series.

    • I read three of these in about three days. Though it kinda burned me out on them, I like the author and will try more of her work.

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