Review: You May Kiss the Bride by Lisa Berne

Reviewed by Jen

Eh. This book didn’t do much for me one way or another. I didn’t dislike it necessarily, but I found it pretty superficial. It didn’t make me feel anything…though I did roll my eyes a few times.

Livia is an orphan who was raised on the charity of an aunt and uncle who never really cared about her. No one has ever really cared about her. For some reason, her snotty, beautiful neighbor has made her into a charity case, but she uses every opportunity to remind her of her low social station. Anyway, the snotty girl is set to marry a rich, handsome catch of the ton, but Gabriel is taken by Livia’s beauty and kisses her in the garden during a ball…and gets busted. From there, he has to propose in order to maintain his honor and reputation.

The entire story follows his grandmother’s efforts to turn Livia into a lady fit to be his wife. This, as Gabriel keeps reminding himself it’s supposed to a marriage in name only, and he shouldn’t like his new bride.

One of my biggest problems with the book is that it begins so many threads and then lets them fade off into nothing. Like Livia’s childhood in India. Like her mean aunt and uncle. Her plot to run away (twice.) Grandmother’s recognition of Livia’s father.

Another is the developments that happen out of nowhere. Like the state of the family home. Like the instant rekindling of a romance for Grandmother’s companion. Like the loss of Livia’s virginity (!) and the circumstances surrounding it. And a random psychic who saves the day out of nowhere. (!!)┬áNothing felt connected. It was just one thing strung together with another, after another.

And Good Gravy was Livia kicked around. Literally everyone in her life has dumped her or dumped on her. Including the family she’s marrying into. They didn’t deserve her. It made it hard to root for Gabriel when he was such a dick. He starts the book terribly conceited; he’s dense, completely oblivious to what’s really going on with Livia; and he’s self-involved, really all the way to the very end. Still, I couldn’t muster enough feeling to hate him. I just recognized his faults in a detached way.

It was just one of those books where I was aware I was reading the whole time. I never fell into the story.

Rating: C

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You May Kiss the Bride
by Lisa Berne
Release Date: March 28, 2017
Publisher: Avon

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