Review: Book Boyfriend by Claire Kingsley

Reviewed by Shelly

This is my first from Claire Kingsley and I’m totally digging her style. Alex and Mia are a fun pair. Mia, the klutz that she is, loves her books. Romance to be specific. As a fellow reader of the genre, she’s already scored points with me. Her fumbling ways endeared her to me even more. Who doesn’t like a heroine who’s not perfectly graceful at all time? Our hero Alex just wants to write a book. One single book. It’s a sci-fi, but it’s taken him so long to write the thing – he gets lost in the research. He suffers from the too much syndrome – too much research, too much detail – he’s stuck in a vicious cycle.

After a good talking-to from his sister, Alex writes a romance novel. His sister gets him a good deal and the book takes off. Soon after, Alex is cranking out romance after romance and he’s now got a following. The only problem with this is that Alex has to become Lexi. Let’s face it, most romance is read by women and we like to read it from a woman’s perspective. And I’ll follow that up with saying – yes, I’ve read romance from male authors and only one has ever made the cut. So yes, that bit about the need for ‘Lexi’ totally rang a bell with me.

One of Lexi’s followers is Mia. She writes a blog centered around romance novels and eventually struck up an unlikely friendship with Lexi. While I was reading this – I couldn’t help but compare some real life scenarios. Don’t get me wrong, initially I couldn’t help myself – ‘who does this’? ‘who assumes that the other person on an online forum is who they say they are?’ The whole Lexi / Alex thing proved by point but I removed my negative Nellie hat. I realized that it is possible to create online friendships with people who have never met in person.

Mia is a likable heroine. There’s no pretension with her except for her anonymous life as a book blogger. But that was easily overlooked when she explains her personal reasons for it. Her ‘cat’ was so absolutely perfect. I feel the exact same way about them. I really liked Mia’s sister. She made Mia question herself and the decisions she made. For the sole purpose of development I enjoy secondary characters to show me how main characters interact with people other than the hero.

Alex. What a interesting guy. My favorite Alex line:
He puts down his coffee and takes a breath. “Listen I’m not going to do the whole I’ll text you thing. I’m beyond trying to play it cool with you. When can I see you again? And if the answer is anything other than tonight, I’m going to argue with you.”

Even with first person point of view, I didn’t get to know him enough. For an alpha, he came off a little soft. When I see that an ‘alpha’ is the main character I assume that alpha to be an alpha in all things – not just the bedroom. The bedroom scenes were more about wet panties and dropping the f-bomb. I would even go so far as to say I thought the bedroom scenes were a bit too over-the-top with the talk only because the vulgarity seemed out of place compared to the non-bedroom scenes. But then again, that just might be me.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Book Boyfriend
by Claire Kingsley
Release Date: April 4, 2017


  1. Danielle says:

    I found this free today on Amazon, so thanks for the review!

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