Review: Cold Reign by Faith Hunter

Reviewed by Jen

In this 11th installments, the Jane Yellowrock series shows no sign of slowing down. If anything, the story just seems to keep getting deeper and more complex with each book. Don’t get me wrong, these books have never been light reading. But now it is more complicated than ever.

The story comes out swinging with plenty of action. Something or someone is raising twice dead vampires back from the grave. These revenant’s are mindless, powerful killers. Jane’s initial mission is to take them down. After that though, she needs to figure out how they are being reanimated in the first place.

It all boils down to those pesky European vampires Faith Hunter has been teasing us with for several books now. That’s right, the EVs are finally here. It’s not with the great pomp and circumstance that we were expecting, however.

I’ve said before that these books or dense, but I will admit that sometimes I simply cannot keep up with what the hell is happening. I’m not talking about the great fight scenes or the good relationship stuff. I’m totally down with all that. But when we start delving into the long game of vampires and alliances that span back centuries, I’m more than a little lost. At a certain point, I just have to accept that we are just talking about a bunch of old European dudes who want to rule everything and are generally sadistic… and hope that the author makes it all obvious enough who is who when the climax happens. Thankfully, she does just that and it partially made sense when all was said and done. There are just so many names to keep track of!

Jane has evolved so much, especially in the past several books. Her magic has changed significantly, but underneath it all is still the great dynamic she has with her Beast. It is one of the best things about this series and it is as awesome as ever. And while just a second ago I was complaining about there being too many names and too many characters, it will sound like I’m contradicting myself when I say I love how her family base is expanding. For a woman who only had one real friend in her life when this series started, Jane now has a huge family that helps make her stronger and better. I love Eli and Alex. I love Edmund. I want Brute to turn back into a person who I could meet.

And then there is Jane’s romantic love life. I know that everybody has their own opinions about who she should be with. It wasn’t totally clear at the start of these books to her HEA would be. I am a big fan of her with Bruiser so I really loved watching this relationship continue to progress here. And as much is I grew to hate Ricky Bo in earlier books, I think I have finally made my peace with him. I never want him with Jane, of course, but I don’t think I hate him anymore. Kudos to the author for getting me to your place I never thought I would.

Overall, this was a smart, entertaining, and action-packed read. There are such great fight scenes and fabulous violence. And still so much awesome story too. I am already excited to see what will happen in book 12.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by publisher

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Cold Reign
by Faith Hunter
Release Date: May 2, 2017
Publisher: Ace


  1. Jacqueline Nicholson says:

    Jen you are always on point with your rating. I wanted to give it a higher rating but couldn’t. I need to apologize for calling you Jan for so long in my blogs. My sight is poor, and I listen to the books. However, I am happy to supper size the fonts to read your reviews.

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