Review: Fantasy of Fire by Kelly St Clare

Reviewed by Elle

Fantasy of Fire is the 3rd book in the Tainted Accords series, which started with Fantasy of Frost and Fantasy of Flight.

Gosh this series is good! This one was a little slower to begin with, but boy, did it pick up by the end!

In this book, we find Olina being pulled in two directions. She is the rightful leader of her home planet, Osolis. Her brothers are there, as well as the village people she cares so much about. But she’s been living on Glacium for so long now that the ice world and the people there that she’s come to love, also feel like home. Her evil mother’s army is halfway to Glacium, and if Olina can’t stop them, it will mean an all out war between the two planets and a no win situation for Olina.

And of course, that’s not all that’s happening. There’s civil unrest stirring on Glacium, threatening King Jovan’s rule, and Olina is convinced she knows who’s behind it. But convincing Jovan of it will be no easy task.

As with all these books, it’s the characters and their relationships with each other that really make the story. Sure there’s great action and fight scenes, but every character, even many of the minor ones go through so much growth and it’s their problems and decisions that really just suck you in and keep you hooked.

And speaking of characters, can we just talk about Jovan for a minute? Oh Jovan, the ultimate alpha male and the new leader on my book boyfriend list. Broody and intense, but the depth of his love for Olina is swoon worthy. Just look at the way he gets when he thinks she’s being threatened.

“If you even think about repeating what you’ve witnessed here today. If the betraying words hover only for a second on the tip of your tongue before you swallow them back. Then run far and run fast, because I will separate your head from your body before you can summon the air to scream for your husband.”

Intense much right? But I loved it. He’s so fiercely in love with her and protective of her (much of the time to her annoyance, it’s not like she needs his protection. Remember, she did months in the pit fights) despite the way she continually pushes him away and the problems they face as a couple. And after dragging the tension out for most of the first two books, we finally get some real progression in their relationship. Thank God, cos that slow burn was burning me alive.

There’s an epic twist and a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this one, but luckily for us, the fourth book is already out, so I’d recommend having that one already loaded up on your kindle ready to go, because as soon as you finish this one, you’re going to want more.

I’m rating this one an A! I can’t get enough of this series.

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Fantasy of Fire
by Kelly St. Clare
Release Date: January 14, 2016

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