Review: My Roommate’s Girl by Julianna Keyes

Reviewed by Joanna

This was a surprise release for me, and as I love this author’s New Adult work, it was all I could do to hold my attention on my existing read when this landed in my Kindle. The premise, with a rough-around-the-edges tattooed hero whose hair in that lovely shade of dirty dirty blond had me excited. Who needs an attention span? The other book got ditched at 50%.

Aiden is at Holsom College at the behest of a judge. It was either go get an education or spend your life in and out of prison. Our boy might like boosting cars, but he ain’t dumb, and he takes the right choice, joining a program for educating ex-juvie / ex-con young people. I love a world where this exists.

In his third year, he moves into a shared apartment with Jerry. In the spirit of taking things that aren’t his, Aiden sees Aster, Jerry’s gorgeous and polished girlfriend, and decides he must sleep with her. He might’ve stopped stealing cars but, for one hot night, he has to steal the girl.

Ah, Aiden. Such a cheerful idiot. I liked him so much, even when he was behaving really badly like he does in his well thought through plan to separate the couple.

Mission successful, things don’t go the way he wants. He and Aster become friends, something he’s never had before with a woman he wants to do the horizontal tango with. As they spend time together while she gets over Jerry (who I didn’t feel all that sorry for. He’s an idiot, too, maybe even worse,) Aiden begins to like Aster as a person. He sees she’s not the aloof homecoming queen he believed, and has dimensions and all sorts of inconvenient personality traits that make it far harder to objectify her. Or to justify what he did.

He learns the meaning of regret jail couldn’t teach him. And this is only the beginning of the tale.

Aster is a different kettle of fish. She gets a say too, and has as much an interesting background as Aiden does. He sees her as this beautiful object, but Aster is a dark horse and plays her cards close to her chest. She’s strong and cool and does what needs to be done.

“I thought she’d be prim and proper, maybe ride me like a dainty cowgirl. I thought I’d dirty her up, scandalize her a bit. Now I don’t think I could scandalize Aster if I tried.”

I wish we’d heard from Aster a little bit sooner. It would’ve helped me anticipate a plot twist better instead of wondering what just happened. As Aiden did. It threw me off kilter a little, but as I read on in the book I forgot my worries. Besides, I saw another reviewer loved this plot twist and anticipated it nicely, so I think this might’ve just been me.

Both our hero and heroine are flawed but they make sense together, if only they can work it out. But being at the college on the kind of scholarship offered to an ex con could put a chip on anyone’s shoulder, particularly when rubbing shoulders with wealthy kids who’ve never known hardship. Do you try to fit in or be yourself? The core of this story, other than the obvious rehabilitation theme, is around identity and people’s perception of each other, and I liked that where the couple needed to really know each other to make it work.

Saying that, the tone is light and there’s a lot of humor in this story. The banter between this pair is cute, the story flows and the HFN is satisfactory.

“You know, if you hadn’t given me the blow job to end all blow jobs this morning, I’d break up with you right now.”

“Don’t talk about blow jobs in the library.”

“All right, let’s go outside.”

Ooh, and there’s a simply delicious love-making scene by the side of an isolated lake. It’s beautiful, intense and just yummy. Wet bottoms and all.

Rating: B+

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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My Roommate’s Girl
by Julianna Keyes
Release Date: June 12, 2017

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