Review: Run To Ground by Katie Ruggle

Reviewed by Joanna

This author is an expert in small town, sweet n’ slow burn romances, centered around emergency services (first responders) in one form or another. I loved her Search and Rescue series, and I enjoyed the first in this series too.

We kick off the review with a kidnapping. Jules, a twenty-something accountant to the mob, takes her four younger siblings from school and runs. She has help from the brother of the mafia-type chap she cooked the books for, though she’s an otherwise law-abiding woman. The kids’ living situation was untenable, and Jules did the right thing.

The runaway family finds their way to the town of Monroe, and Jules, provided with fake papers to give them all new identities, gets a job in a cafe. It’s there she catches the attention of the local police hottie.

Theo, an unhappy and brooding chap, lost both his cop best friend and his police dog within a short space of time. He’s a canine dog handler but now has his friend’s animal at his side – a situation neither of them is happy with. Viggy, the dog, doesn’t want to be a police dog anymore, and is depressed. Theo is so sad too, except when he sets his gaze on the squirrely new waitress.

In his gruff way, he intimidates/introduces himself to Jules. She is all kinds of bowled over by him, but obviously can’t get involved with a cop. It would put her family at far too much risk. Her evasiveness only intrigues the grumpy cop more.

The house Jules and the kids move to is ramshackle and half falling down. I loved the sound of this rambling old safe house. One of the twins, her youngest brothers, reads up on how to fix the boiler, and all the kids help out with finding little jobs around school time. Anything to put food on the table. The eldest, Sam, is most damaged by what his step mother put him through, and is hurting the most. His reaction to Theo hanging around, and Theo and Jules getting closer, is another reason for her to keep her distance.

In the background, there’s drama with the resident gun-nut, who hosts all kinds of weirdos at his home and drives the police crazy having to go after him for firearms and explosives issues time and time again. This is a core part of the story but there were several issues unresolved by the end as it’s a continuing theme in the series.

These tales are sex-lite, if you prefer your action to be behind closed doors, and overall pretty gentle. The characters are mostly pleasant, and I was left with a good feeling of happy families and justice prevailing. I wasn’t as enamoured with this tale as I was with the S&R series, and a couple of times had issue with the scenes tying in with one another, but I definitely enjoyed it and want to know what happens next. I’m already starting book two as Ruggle is good for a decent yarn, and I like the sound of the next cop in the line up.

Rating: B-

P.S. Does the book title make you want to sing Rocky Mountain High? That song has been in my head for weeks. You’re welcome.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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Run To Ground
by Katie Ruggle
Release Date: June 6, 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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