Review: Stripped Raw by Prescott Lane

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read a couple other Prescott Lane stories. The first one, Perfectly Broken, I really liked. The second, Wrapped in Lace, I didn’t like as much. This, the third one – I didn’t like at all. I thought the writing was too formulaic of what I find in other contemporary stories. I like Lane’s first story because she brought a such fresh voice; something I’d not read up to that point. She made me care about the characters. She engaged me in the plight of the main characters, especially the heroine, Peyton, and finally Reed. She told their story without once telling me about anything else. Lane has a knack for first POV that seems to works for her writing style.

The initial pages into Kenzie and Kane story, I wasn’t sold, but I hoped that it would get better. I hoped that their personal plights and histories would make my empathy explode with happiness that I kept reading and got to know them.

MacKenzie ‘Kenzie’ Scott has her own business. It’s a lingerie shop that specializes in brassieres and underpants. She’s just starting out and needs all the help she can get so she goes on the local morning television show to advertise her business. During her time at the television station, things get out of hand and she ends up with more business that she knows what to do with. Kane turns out to be the (step)brother of the new anchor who interviews Kenzie.

Kenzie’s got a thing about her a*s. The size. The shape. The jiggle. She likes none of it. Okay, I understand that she’s got a problem with her body, we all do. But if you have an a*s the size of a small car why are you wearing tanks and shorts? Wouldn’t you go the other direction w/ clothing that wouldn’t accentuate said a*s? I bring this up because Kenzie brought that a*s up – a lot. But I digress.

I know I’m supposed to feel for Kenzie. She’s a giver. I was told by both Kenzie, her (step)sister – Tessa – diagnosed with cancer, her (step)father – Michael, her gay (step)brother – Sawyer. Everyone tells me this. Guess what, I don’t care. How about folks stop telling me she’s a giver and show me she’s a giver? And to be honest folks, Kenzie didn’t do anything the rest of us wouldn’t do for the people we love. I didn’t find her story in any way special and note worthy.

Then there’s Kane with the ex-wife and all of her baggage, and she had some serious baggage. I won’t even get into their mutual history because it’s sad. Between her involvement in Kane’s present life and her introduction into Kenzie’s, I’m not sure how her issues made this story any better. I tried and just can’t figure that out because it didn’t leave the impression that Kane was all that good of a husband.

Once Kane sees then meets Kenzie, he’s smitten. He thinks that he’s missed out on too much (in his marriage) because he was working long hours trying to keep up with the lifestyle he and his ex-wife enjoyed. So now, his intent is to live his life to the fullest – as soon as he’s figured out a way to fit it in around his work schedule. Alrighty then.

Still not a fan of the insta-love. And the idea of a sane woman choosing shoes over shelter is something I’ll never understand. Kenzie is a shoe person – she thinks that shoes and underwear can increase the self-esteem (too bad it doesn’t include feeling good about her a*s). Of course, the shoes she likes cost the price of a month’s rent on a decent sized apartment; instead she lives in a ‘tiny’ single room apartment in the back of her lingerie store. Maybe she was getting a stipend from Michael, but I don’t think so as Kenzie’s unsureness of his love included doing all things good and never asking for help. The whole money thing was weird with her opening her new business and still affording her likes. And then there’s the Porsche SUV and the Tiffany this and that. Argh, come on and stop with the branding.

If the first 23 chapters of the story were as good as the last 3, I would have enjoyed Kenzie and Kane’s story.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C-/D+

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Stripped Raw
by Prescott Lane
Release Date: February 29, 2016

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