Review: The Apology by Zena Wynn

Reviewed by Shelly

There are no billionaires, alphas, or MC themes in this book. The main characters are two very ordinary people who happen to find each other in a sea of ordinary circumstances.

I’ve re-read this story quite a bit. This is Zena Wynn’s first installment in her “Nina Chronicles’. A clean, Christian themed romance about a woman who’s having a crisis of ‘what to do’. I’ve read many of Wynn’s books and most have been good, a few misses here and there, but majorly they’ve been good. I can’t remember when I started reading her work, but it’s been quite a few years and this series is one I’ve not been able to stay away from. I like the way that Wynn writes Nina’s voice. It seems like a familiar friend that I get to catch up with once I start reading.

You might think that with a Christian theme that Nina’s character might be sugar sweet with no faults. The exact opposite is true here. She’s doesn’t go around sleeping with every Tom, Dick or Harry nor does she kick puppies and kittens, but she’s far from perfect. Nina’s divorced from the father of her twins – Breanna ‘Bree’ and Brendon. She’s recently broken up with her fiancé. That was a dead end relationship if there ever was one but then again, her marriage was too. Nina’s history of picking good men is not been the best.

As the story goes along, a new man, Roberto Ortega, comes into Nina’s life, but she’s skeptical and leery. Rightfully so. Roberto’s got his own history. He’s divorced also and has 3 boys. But He’s a God of second chances and both Roberto and Nina are each other’s second chance. Roberto seems to be everything that Nina’s been looking for but she’s so afraid of change and commitment that the story lags for it. Surprisingly the lag was a good lag. There’s a tremendous amount of character development while Nina and Roberto are playing their roles.

Even thought this is a romance, Nina’s evolution into believing that she deserves happiness takes the majority of the story telling. Roberto does a good job of helping her to see the good in them as a couple. Seeing the good in herself as someone who’s worthy of not just getting by but actually being happy and stable with a partner who has her back in all things. He’s not after the now, he’s after the long term and to see a hero with a future in mind is a rare and refreshing thing. I really enjoyed this because the story is well told and the pace moves quickly.

There’s some kissing in this but no sexy times. Even though I’m not sure if the author ever intended to write a sequel to this story but she ended it with a feeling of ‘wait, where’s the rest?’ To me, the end felt like a cliff hanger with an HFN rather than an HEA.

There’s some editing issues but nothing distracting.

DISCLAIMER: Somewhere along the line, I’m guessing that the author gained rights back to these stories and decided to rebrand, rename (‘Nina’s Dilemma’) and republish. The story that I read is called The Apology and was published back in 2009 by Red Rose Publishing.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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The Apology
by Zena Wynn
Release Date: April 9, 2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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