Review: The Hero by Robyn Carr

Reviewed by Joanna

Continuing the saga of the residents of the beautiful Thunder Point, Oregon, we start this tale with a new character – Devon. She’s a member of a cult, having fallen for the leader Jacob and gotten pregnant with his kid. By the time she realizes he isn’t a one woman kinda guy, she’s living in his compound with his other women and kids and unable to leave. Men with guns ‘protect’ the fenced off land, and the only time Devon is allowed out is to take their crops to a farmers market. Her kid, Mercy, isn’t allowed to go.

Luckily there’s a mole on the inside. Laine helps her escape and Devon runs away with her daughter, to be picked up by the side of the road by Rawley, resident of Thunder Bay. Now Rawley was featured in the first two books. He’s an old fellow, ex-military, having served in Vietnam, and he knows what it is to be homeless and wanting. He takes Devon and Mercy home and looks after them.

Now forgive me while I have a WTF moment that nobody raised an eyebrow at this. Old loner picks up a pretty girl and asks nothing of her? Doesn’t even think about it? Hmm. Suspending disbelief was hard. Well, Rawley is honorable and sets Devon up with all she needs. Soon she’s got a job and a boyfriend and her life has changed. In the background, the cult is starting to fall apart and Laine is helping others to escape.

In the foreground, Spencer, new resident and co-dad to a son he shares with Cooper is struggling with his feelings for Devon, his wife only having been dead a few months. The new doctor, Scott, wants a girlfriend, but isn’t over his dead wife either. Lou decides she’s moving out of the madhouse at Mac’s, now he’s married to Gina, and Gina’s daughter Ashley is getting along just fine with her runaway father. Ashley and Frank are now a thing, which I missed seeing the tender moment when that happened, and Landon and Eve are still going strong, but those relationships don’t much feature.

So much happens in these stories. It’s like a pic and mix of family drama. Everyone knows everyone else’s business. We head hop around to keep up to speed, and there’s never a dull moment.

That said, I’m not sure I’m going to continue with the series. I loved immersing myself into the town in book one, with the dramatic and beautiful beach scenery and slow burn romance, but now I just feel like I’m reading a soap opera. I still like a lot of the characters, but their stories have been told. Also I dislike the thin veneer of old fashioned role values that creeps into the storylines e.g. in this one Sarah giving up her important career entirely and without attempting a middle ground, so she can stay home with Coop and have a baby. Why can’t she do that and have a career? Her ‘job’ becomes designing their new house he’s building, but Coop’s dominating all of that too. Basically Sarah now has no life and nothing to do all day. Except she’s going to become a mum so that’s all right then. Nothing wrong with being a full time mother-that is an excellent and valuable career choice, but don’t give me a coastguard helicopter pilot then dismiss her career as too hard to mix with family life.

There’s drama in the cult that needs dismantling, Devon and Spencer are the main couple who need to sort themselves out, and there’s all kinds of happiness at the end for you HEA lovers out there. The series is still going strong with another six books after this one, but this reader is happy to leave Thunder Point to take care of itself.

Rating: C

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The Hero
by Robyn Carr
Release Date: August 27, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA

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