Review: Whatever You Need by Barbara Longley

Reviewed by Shelly

For a story without any real ups and downs, this was a good read. My first from this author, I’m a sucker for the shy hero. Wyatt Haney is the young and handsome downstairs neighbor to Kayla Malone. They’ve been neighbors for a while and Wyatt has always noticed his upstairs neighbor. Kayla is the young widowed mother to a precious 5 year old little boy. She’s working her way through dental hygienist school and is busy raising her kid as a single parent.

Living in an old building is hard enough but living in an old building that hasn’t been brought up to code to support modern-day living is frustrating. One day Wyatt smells smoke, literally, and has to evacuate the building. As the fire started in Kayla’s apartment and Wyatt’s day job is as an electrician and his family owns a construction and handy man business – guess who wins the repair job bid? Yep, it’s Wyatt’s company. And that’s how their story begins.

Kayla’s leery of any kind of relationship. Her one and only – her deceased husband was anything but wonderful. The author did an interesting thing here with the dead husband – she painted the not so glamorous point of view in that most teenaged marriages that are the result of an unexpected pregnancy are not always ideal. I actually thought that was quite different, in a good way, as we normally never hear anything bad about the dead. But back to Kayla’s skittishness about relationships. I understood where she was coming from. Who wants to add something new on their plate while the plate is already full and overflowing?

Wyatt understood Kayla’s hesitancy, he didn’t like it but he understood it. Wyatt’s had his eye on Kayla for a while now. Unbeknownst to her, she’s even got a starring role in his comic book series. Wyatt’s a shy guy. He’s got reason too, but I think it was a little over done. At a much younger age, Wyatt was involved in a fire that was made worse by an accelerant. He’s got burns that he covers up with a hoodie. He wears a hoodie all the time, even in the heat of summer. For me, the hoodie was too much – it seemed straight out of any of the many comic book heroes (think Luke Cage and Wade Wilson) that are popular in current culture. But then again, Kayla liked it.

The relationship development is slow. I mean really slow. They kiss and then it’s a whole lot of pages before the next one and the sexy time is pretty tame, mostly behind the door stuff. Not that I had a problem with that, but just know that going in. In addition to the slow pace, there’re lots of details that I thought could have not made the editing cut.

I’m guessing the 3rd Haney sibling’s, Josey, story is next. She’s a plumber and as those a few and far between that in itself sounds interesting. And she’s got a bit of bad luck with guys, so it should be fun to see who she’s going to pair up with. I didn’t see any buildup of her romance so it’s a toss-up who she’s going to be paired with. What I do know is that she will most likely be living in the same building that Wyatt and Kayla currently live in. There’s a side story about their abode which added very little to the plot.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Whatever You Need
by Barbara Longley
Release Date: April 11, 2017
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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