Review: A Game of COURAGE by Lena Hart

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read quite a few of Lena Hart’s books and I’ve had some hits and misses. I’m not sure what this one was. It’s a fast read and I might have liked it better if it was longer with more character development and a more in depth storyline. This read as if there was a story before they married. I felt like I was missing something – like how this couple fell in love.

Mason and Jules Courage have been married going on nine years. They and their two children live quite happily in the home and accoutrements that Mason’s former hockey career and newly appointed assistant coach salaries bring. Working towards a hard won National Championship for his team, Mason is finally in a place where he thinks he can accept even greater responsibilities with the team.

Mason’s under the impression his home and work life are fine – stressful, but fine. It’s not until he’s at work one day is he told (by his assistant) that his wife has filed divorce papers.

Former beauty queen Jules wants to leave her husband because for the past few months he’s not paid as much attention to her as he’s paid to his work and his children. I’m not sure when they married if Jules was aware of what Mason’s career aspirations were after retirement, because as I said, I feel as if I was missing something. But I’m pretty sure that even before retirement while Mason was playing the game, he had some pretty long days while chasing the same prize. So I’m not really sure what changed from his time as a player vs his time as a coach. It wasn’t expanded on.

What I do know is that Jules was never a fan of the game. I’m not sure if she was a fan of her husband when he played the game. She seem to have no interest in any part of his world outside the home. I tell ya this – I didn’t like her. She came off as selfish and childish with her tantrums of pay attention to me. And for someone who’s old life was based on public opinion, Jules sudden amnesia about both the paparazzi and gossip rags got on my last nerve.

I didn’t like the storyline as much as I thought I would either. I like the after marriage plots – it’s interesting to see how folks handle it. This one came off as unconvincing with Jules constant whining about me! me! me!

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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by Lena Hart
Release Date: May 30, 2017
Publisher: Maroon Ash Publishing

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