Review: Adore by KM Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

Mayday! Mayday! Spoilers ahead (from book 1).

Book 2 picks up a week after Kristina walks out the door on Ian; he’s a hot mess. He’s drinking and doing it heavily. He doesn’t understand why she left because she didn’t say. She’s still freaked out about the ‘stalking incident’ in the newly penned erotic book for which he used her as his muse.

They’d already exchanged ‘I love you’ in their very short time together. I wouldn’t even consider their time as dating because the majority was spent having sex in his apartment and her listening to him in the afternoon as he read to her what he’d written that day. It’s a very one sided relationship. But separately, they’d each decided that they were addicted to each other. But I digress.

After a girls night out with a friend, Kristina drunkenly goes back to Ian’s apartment. She gets in because the doorman remembered who she is/was and she’s so excited that Ian didn’t rescind her entry. I already knew, this isn’t going to end well. She goes up to his apartment and yes, she listens through the door and hears the sounds of another woman and Ian in flagrante delicto. Ian’s spidey sense tells him that Kristina’s at the door and he catches the back of her as she gets in the elevator. I say all that to say this – by the end of the night, these two, Ian and Kristina, have texted each other and Kristina ends up back at Ian’s apartment. After a little verbal push and pull they have sex. Interestingly they end up in the same sexual position that mere hours ago Ian was in with the stranger because, wait for it – it’s cathartic. That’s a tactic I’ve never read before. In a hero, anti-hero, heroine, anti-heroine – for me it’s irrelevant who messes around but as long as involves the main characters – this is a big no for me in romance. Is that too much to ask?

The need for Kristina is still very much present and accounted for with Ian. He’s still not talking about her personality or character, just more of the physicality of her. His addiction to her is very much the endorphin rush that’s sometimes described in fight or flight situations. The point I’m trying to make is that Ian’s happiness with Katrina lies in the way she makes him feel. He’s a selfish bastard in that he’s already denied her the joy of discussing their relationship with anyone, along with not really caring how happy she actually is. As long as she’s with him, he doesn’t care.

The character building started picking up a bit in the last 20% of this installment, but the sexual content completely gets in the way of any real conversation and the getting to know each other. They have so many secrets from each other. Kristina’s personality is starting to form quite a bit more and I’m moving away from indifference to dislike.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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by  K.M. Scott
Release Date: July 6, 2017
Publisher: Copper Key Media, LLC

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