Review: An Affair With a Notorious Heiress by Lorraine Heath

Reviewed by Jen

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book when I started it. I was on the fence about the premise, but I have read some books by Lorraine Heath that I absolutely adored, so I decided to forge through. I’m glad that I did, because I ended up enjoying this story.

Our hero is the Marquess of Rexton. Though he is obviously of the nobility, he grew up a little bit of a black sheep among his peers because his mother was a bookkeeper before she married his father. Rex loves his mother and would not trade her for anything. However, his childhood was difficult. And he resolved that he would never put his own children through the same thing. He planned to marry a woman of impeccable reputation, one that would never be a cause for ridicule or ostracism for his own kids. But you know what they say about the best laid plans.

As the story begins, Rex is made an offer by a wealthy American who is trying to see his niece settled. Gina is a sweet girl, young and proper and very rich. Unfortunately, she is not attracting any suitors because of her notorious sister, Tillie. You see, Tillie divorced amid a scandal where she was caught kissing a footman. She is still technically a lady, but she has been shunned by society. Gina’s uncle hopes that by associating with Rex, Gina will become more desirable to other men of quality. And if Rex agrees to pretend to court her, he can borrow the uncle’s champion racehorse to stud.

Stop me if you know where this is going.

Of course, Rex ends up falling for Tillie. The first part of the book was a predictable because of that. Those chapters were devoted to his internal struggle realizing that the woman he really wanted was the kind he had always vowed to stay away from. Still, I enjoyed watching him fall.

Tillie is made of some stern stuff. I appreciated how she really took control of her life and got out of a marriage which made her unhappy. She put her sister first in all things after that, even when it made her own life very difficult. That was the extra dash of angst in the beginning. She had no idea that Rex was only pretending. And while she positively burned for him, she did not want to betray her sister by ever acting on it.

It would’ve been easy for Heath to paint Rex as a totally uptight jerk, bent on propriety, but she didn’t do that. I could understand where he was coming from. And he did not wait so long in recognizing his feelings that he alienated me. I liked him. I liked her. And I liked them together. There was really good sexual tension here and the pay off satisfied.

What really surprised me was that I ended up liking Gina. I thought she was going to be a vapid child, but there was more to her than meets the eye. She has her own novella coming up and I am curious to see how her own love story plays out.

This did not bring me on the same kind of emotional roller coaster as some other heaths books. I did not end up sobbing on my couch, but I did enjoy it. This author rarely disappoints.

Rating: B

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An Affair With a Notorious Heiress
by Lorraine Heath
Release Date: May 30, 2017
Publisher: Avon

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