Review: Claim by KM Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

If you’ve not read any of the prior books, there’re going to be quite a few spoilers.

This is last book in Scott’s ‘Addicted to You’ series and picks up immediately after book 3. After Ian found out that Kristina slept with another man AND outed his secret identity as T. Anderson (the T & A stands for you know what), the author of the newest and greatest erotic novel, he breaks up with her. This time for good. But not really, remember when you were in grade school and you’d break up for a few hours and but then you’d get back together before you sat down to dinner that same evening. This is exactly the world of Ian and Kristina – not a sane and rational adult in either of them.

“It’s not the fucking I can’t get past. It’s the fact that she betrayed me by telling the world I’m T. Anderson. That I can’t forgive because it proves I can’t trust her with something far more important than sex.”

Ian’s still addicted to Kristina even after the betrayal. His mindset hasn’t changed. His words haven’t changed. I didn’t notice anything new about Ian in this installment vs the last three. He’s still a selfish, self serving douche who’s an alcoholic and a junkie.

Kristina needs still come second in this. They’re not even equal partners in this relationship. She’s still this doormat who runs after Ian and she seems to really like it the worse he treats her. She fights harder for them to be together then. Her mindset hasn’t changed. Her words haven’t changed. I didn’t notice anything new about her in this installment vs the last three.

After Ian kicks her to the curbs, she finds him through her varied connections (okay not really but her publicist did make a few calls). After she drives on snow covered roads to find Ian, he hesitantly invites her into his mountain cabin and following the trend of the first three – they immediately have sex. There was a disingenuous attempt at a conversation on what happened to cause their breakup, but in the end, I knew what would happen and I didn’t like it but I was ready for it.

I’ve come to realization that I don’t like these kinds of stories where the romance is this force fed, self-justification, repetitive, destructive, love hurts kind of thing. These are not the things, where romance is the theme, that leaves me with a feeling of happiness and would encourage me to ask for more. Had the story itself been better, I might not feel that way. Had there been an attempt at redemption for either the hero or the heroine, I might have really enjoyed this. But alas, I didn’t. And the unprotected sex was disturbing as I don’t think they practiced protected sex.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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Title: Claim
by K.M. Scott
Release Date: July 6, 2017
Publisher: Copper Key Media, LLC


  1. oh this one sounds so disappointing. I agree though, I don’t like seeing a romance that is hurtful and damaging, because its suppose to be happy and joyful (at least in my mind in should be) love should lift and encourage, to motivate and inspire. Some authors go pretty dark in a romance sometimes and I struggle with that concept.

    • Shelly Browne says:

      And I’m not sure why the dark when we can get that in real life, or reality TV, right? But I also realize that the demand for that kind of story is high and most likely financially viable.

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