Review: Crux Survivors: Sole Survivors by Dani Worth

Reviewed by Shelly

This edition has two stories, the novella “After the Crux” and this book Sole Survivors. I reviewed the novella a while back while it was still under the author’s pen name Dani Worth. I really enjoyed that one, however it’s m/m/f so keep that in mind.

Set in the same dystopian future as “After the Crux,” this story takes the audience away from the refuge where Ross, Dorian and Jenna live. Chase Hawthorne and his brother Tripp are making their way to find people. Specifically, they’re trying to find people who they can live with. It’s been the two of them for quite a while now, about a year. Chase is getting desperate to find Tripp some new and fresh faces, people who he can talk to. Tripp’s twin was killed and he’s having what Chase describes as dark thoughts.

While out in the woods hunting for food, Chase comes across a woman fighting off some raiders. These raiders are after one thing and it’s not to Keera’s benefit to get caught. Keera’s been living on her own for quite some time. She’s recently lost her ‘prepper’ father to illness and her husband hasn’t been long dead. Back to her dad for a second. I wish he wasn’t dead because he would have been an awesome character to meet. He raised a daughter who could take care of herself. Keera is a wonderful character. She’s smart and strong and she doesn’t handle weakness well. I liked her.

It’s not long after Chase meets Keera that he also gets and up close and personal introduction to Ross, Dorian and Jenna. The threesome are traveling with a fourth young man in an attempt to find his family. It’s a sweet thought, but their plan seemed a bit ‘lacking in an actual executable plan’. But I digress.

After the six folks are all introduced it’s a quick turnaround time of everyone trusting everyone else and they all converge at Keera’s place for sustenance.

Emotions happen quickly. I don’t know if that’s a trend in dystopian futures (I don’t read a lot of them) or if the author just likes moving on to the sexing part quickly. But either way – there’s quite a bit of internal angst between Chase and Keera. Chase is worried about finding companions for Tripp and his own growing attraction for Keera. He’s worried about the scars on his face from a bullet wound and being attractive to Keera. He’s got a lot on his mind. While Tripp who at 23 years old acts like he’s some 16 year old teenaged girl. Grow the heck up and look around. I’m not a fan of Tripp. And I really didn’t like the way the author portrayed his growing friendship with the fourth member of Ross, Dorian and Jenn’s group. It was really forced. I like a more ‘that makes sense’ development to happen.

There’s more to like than dislike in this story and although the ending was HEA, it was left open for more books. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the series.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Crux Survivors: Sole Survivors
by Dani Worth (Rinda Elliott)
Original Release Date: January 14, 2014
Publisher: Samhain

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