Review: Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros

Reviewed by Joanna

This is a military-flavored romance, with the college-age protagonists putting it firmly in the NA category. Ember Howard is our heroine, and we open the story to the death of her father, an army doctor. She answers the door from the knock of death, and her and her family are devastated by the loss. It’s what every military family dreads, and it’s happened to them.

It’s smack bang in the holiday season, and it’s Ember’s birthday too. Dashing out in a mad panic to the store to pick up a cake to distract her younger brother, she bumps into Josh Walker, a guy she had a crush on as a teenager in high school. Josh was a bad boy, but is now her younger brother’s hockey coach, his own hockey career ended by injury. He’s upset by the news about her dad too.

At the funeral, Ember’s boyfriend, Riley, messes around on his phone and does all the sorts of things that tell us he’s not long for book-boyfriend world. Josh attends also, and the antithesis of Riley. Our boy is dark, solid and a little bit broody. And he’s built, which helps.

Ember and Josh spend time together as Ember gives up her college place to return to her home town. Her mom isn’t coping, and she has two younger siblings who need support. The break up with the boyfriend happens (yay!), and Josh steps into the breach.

“We’re taking it slow until you say so, because I can’t bear to hear a ‘no’ from you. But here’s your only warning: I’m going to chase the fuck out of you.”

Ember has liked this guy for so long, and can’t help being drawn to him though she’s mired in misery from all sides. After all she’s been through, she needs to get shaken up by love, and I enjoyed the shake down.

This is an emotional tale, bordering bleak sometimes, which isn’t surprising considering the subject matter. There were a few set piece scenes that bulked out the story, and I could’ve done with a little more emotional recovery and pacing on occasions, but what pulled me through, and kept me reading, was the love.

I adore an inevitable couple, the sort that all kinds of sh*t get thrown at, but you know they’ll pull through. Considering the twist in this tale—which had me reeling and swearing at my kindle—that was a tall order. I couldn’t see how they’d make it. Love that.

“Maybe love this exquisite, this powerful isn’t meant to last forever. Maybe we’re meant to burn so brightly for each other right now to light whatever path we’re heading down, but there’s no sustaining a fire like this.”

Rebecca Yarros added nice touches through the tale, like the family naming. June (mom), December (Ember – such a cool name), April (sis), August (Gus, little bro). I mentioned it was military flavored, and that’s because there’s no battle, military strategy or unit scenes, it’s more focused on the pomp, family life and routines.

Overall this was a good read, with a HEA, and I’ll continue with the series.

Rating: B

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Full Measures
by Rebecca Yarros
Release Date: February 10, 2014
Publisher: Entangled Embrace

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