Review: Love’s Many Challenges by Zena Wynn

Reveiewed by Shelly

The latest installment in Zena Wynn’s ‘Nina Chronicles’ finds Nina and Roberto married. In all honesty, if Wynn continues this series – I’ll be right there reading it because I really enjoy Nina and Roberto and the family they’re building.

Nina. How do I put into words how much I enjoy her character? Written in first-person POV everything is told from our heroine’s perspective. The internal dialogue comes across as very honest with no semblance of fairy tale. Nina’s personality doesn’t lend towards histrionics either. She’s pretty consistent with her thoughts and actions. She’s been a solitude person for years. She was happily single before Roberto. That’s part of her challenge – dealing with another person, that being her husband Roberto, and taking his thoughts, words and actions into consideration.

Consistent with the Christian theme of the previous stories, this might have a bit more Christianity based ideals than its predecessors. The focus on faith, scripture and prayer specifically.

Instead of just worrying about herself, Nina now has to worry about what an entire population (the church’s congregation) thinks of her. She’s now has to be concerned about being the pastor’s wife and all of the pomp and circumstance that this involves. It’s a lot to handle for a woman who’s never wanted to be in the lime light. Never.

While Roberto’s handling his newly acquired pastoral duties, there’re issues going on in the home. Many of the interactions between Nina and Roberto were some of my favorite scenes out of all three books. Roberto is…perfect for Nina. He allows her to get away with absolutely nothing. I mean that to say – Nina has a familiar habit of shutting down and withdrawing when she’s angry or upset. She’s learned that if she doesn’t withdraw then there’s a high chance that she’ll say something regretful. Roberto doesn’t allow her to withdraw, even if it’s going for a walk holding hands he makes her let him in. Not overly done their struggles and strifes were some of the best parts.

I said this in my last review and I still mean it. There’s a lot to be said about writing an engaging story that doesn’t rely on action scenes, sex scenes or views of opposing sides and Wynn did a solid writing job in this one.

As with the other two stories in this series there’s some editing issues and I’m bring that up again because the editing should be tighter by now especially considering my cost. These are a few – ‘When we marred, what’s yours became mine…’ ‘When small climax hit…’ ‘No. Tell you dad I’m…’ ‘…but I wanted it to be a health weight…’

The way Wynn ended this made me chuckle – it was right in the middle of a scene. I had to smile because it was flawlessly perfect for Nina and Roberto. Like I said, if she keeps writing this series I’ll keep reading.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Love’s Many Challenges
by Zena Wynn
Release Date: May 5, 2017
Publisher: Real Love Enterprises

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