Review: Shatter by KM Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

Spoiler alert all over this.

Book 3 in KM Scott’s Addicted to You series picks up 5 weeks after Kristina doesn’t go to Rome with Ian for his research trip. In Ian’s mind the trip was twofold – a research opportunity for his new historical and a vacation for the two of them to be away from prying eyes and have time to themselves. Unfortunately, instead of Kristina telling Ian that she’s got a great job opportunity for work, she says nothing and just strings Ian along.

So Ian’s in Rome by himself and he’s got that addiction to heroin that he can’t seems to beat unless he’s got Kristina; it’s not surprise to this reader that he goes on a bender. I mean he does it big – booze and heroin. The only thing he didn’t seem to do was pick up random strangers, but it wouldn’t have surprised me if he did. Once he gets back to the States, he does his stalking thing by going to Kristina’s street and gazing lovingly up towards her apartment window. She’s not there so he heads home and while he’s walking home he sees a gossip magazine cover with Kristina and some new fling they’re reporting about. Left dejected by Kristina again, Ian goes home gets smashingly drunk and calls up his dealer (who’s also his editor). A few minutes later, the bliss of oblivion and flying high.

By some weird mental calculation, Kristina figures out that Ian’s saw the cover. She runs over to his apartment only to find out that Ian’s drunk… After admitting their love and devotion to each other they try to have some makeup sex; the heroin’s got Ian stuck between a rock and a hard place. He admits he’s using again but he’s going to quit because he’s got her back. The only thing is neither his personality nor the drug works that way. You can’t just quit. After a few days of the side effects Kristina realizes that Ian’s got more going on that she can deal with.

It’s off to rehab.

Ian’s unavailable to Kristina for the time he’s in rehab; it a few weeks maybe a month. It seems Kristina still had some unresolved feelings about Ian cheating on her and it was bearing on her soul so she decided to do the same with her co-star. It’s either that or she’s the vapid individual I always thought she was. They were apart for 5 weeks when Ian was in Rome. They’re apart for maybe 4 weeks while Ian’s getting his business together and she can’t hold it in her pants . Argh! I’m repeating this from my review of ‘Adore’ – In a hero, anti-hero, heroine, anti-heroine – for me it’s irrelevant who messes around but as long as involves the main characters – this is a big no for me in romance.

The character development does feel betting in this book but I’m still not connecting with the characters. I’m not feeling the empathy for either of them that I should. Everything in Ian’s world is about being an addict. He secludes himself for his writing and that’s an issue in itself – he has no friends. Nada one. I have no idea about his family as that’s not talked about.

Kristina’s two friends – Sienna and Cilla. I wanted to slap the sh*t out of both of them. The narcissism between the two of them could fuel a small country for years.

I don’t know how these two are going to end up but I’ll tell you right now – as I write this review. They’re toxic and better off apart (except all they do is whine about their love for each other). Ian and Kristina remind me of the publicized love story between Kurt and Courtney – just nothing good.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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by K.M. Scott
Release Date: July 6, 2017
Publisher: Copper Key Media, LLC


  1. oh its such a horrible feeling when you can’t connect with characters in a story. Since that is one of the aspects I most look forward to when reading.

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