Review: The Polar Bear’s Baby by Sophie Stern

Reviewed by Shelly

Sometimes I read a short whimsical story to get away from some heavier reads. This is one of those. I don’t even know why I picked this one. Maybe I thought the cover was pretty or maybe I pushed the nefarious ‘click one’ button versus the sample and voila – I’ve got a new book. But who looks at their kindle and doesn’t get excited when they see a new book? Either way, in my life I’ve made worse choices than this book.

This is my first Sophie Stern book and is the first in her ‘Honeypot Babies’ series. Human Mia just found out that she’s pregnant by bear shifter Aidan. The shifter world is a given in this so there’s no mystery, shock or cry of indignation with the shifter knowledge; even knowing that Mia was a little, just a little, concerned with carrying the cub of a bear. Can’t blame her there.

Aidan, who’s a former college roommate of Mia’s older brother, is neither surprised nor apprehensive about the pregnancy. These two have been aware of each other for a long time. It wasn’t until a mutual friend was getting married that Mia and Aidan decided to have sex, a one night stand actually.

As with most novellas, the pace was fast on this. Things happen either within hours or at most a day. The insta is VERY strong. Even Mia’s brother acceptance of the scenario. Actually that kind of threw me for a loop a bit because it was too easy. There’s zero conflict in this. Zero.

Even though there’s nothing extraordinary about this story, there’s nothing bad about it either – it’s just a very easy read with a tremendous amount of repetition. There was supposed to be angst, I think, but wording a single thought a multitude of ways doesn’t make me believe that you’re giving me a new thought. Maybe different point of views would have helped but there were only 3 characters and one had little involvement.

All in all, if you have an hour to spare and you’re not interesting in filling up your long term memory this is a good choice. BTW – there’s a ‘Honeypot Darling’ series too. I’ll probably dip into that.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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The Polar Bear’s Baby
by Sophie Stern
Release Date: September 13, 2016

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